HELP!!!New in Town and Soo Bored

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  •  Anonymous #6916

      Hey everyone 😉
      Im new in Dublin (just moved from UK)
      Im 20years old really friendly person.
      The issue is that girls who i meet here has their own circle and dont want take new person inside.
      Im originally from Lithuania so any language from lithuanian,russian,polish r english is good for me
      So im looking for someone who is like me in same situation and maybe wants to meet up for a cup some talk and have some fun with wild nights out 🙂

    •  leathabowmaker #14773

        Hiya I’m 29 from dublin looking to meet new people, love a good night out so if interested in meeting up let me know

      •  Anonymous #14775

          Hey if threre is some more pplz who is looking to meet meet new people add me on fb page (just send a message that u r from this web)
          My fb name is :Kristinocka sipoviciute.

        •  leathabowmaker #14774

            My fb is down at the mo…how are u getting on?

          •  Anonymous #14776

              really nothing new at the moment 🙂

            •  Jane #41597

                Hi ladies,

                I have just noticed your ad and I know the feeling. I am a 30 year old girl from just outside Dublin but I work in Dublin and spend most of my time there and I prefere to social there also. I am really interested in making new friends as some of my friends are settled down and I dont see them so much and my single friends just seem to have lost interest in life. They have a night out about once or twice a year and spend the rest of their weekends sitting in by themselves, even getting them to meet up for lunch is a hard task and so I feel I am missing out. I enjoy going out, few drinks, cinema, lunch etc I like going places too. I basically think you only have one life so may aswell enjoy it. If yous are still in the same situation I would love to hear back from you.

                •  Sarah #41748

                    Hi I am 29 and in pretty much the same boat, if you want get in touch! S

                •  slrihs #41631

                    Hey ladies in the same boat myself. If interested in a meet up let me know.

                  •  jo #41691

                      Hijust became a mum for the first time. I live in Tralee co. Kerry. I dont know many people would love to meet up with people in the same situation

                    •  Nadine #41754

                        Hey wont mind meeting up gimme a shout I am 23 uears old

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