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  •  JeannieB #45847

      hello there!
      I am not exactly new to town, I moved here 8 years ago from Dublin. Sadly I have realised at 33 that in the last few years most my friends have moved away to pastures new. So casual coffees/cinema meet ups are a thing of the past & I really miss that.
      As with anything time has made me drift from people and its hard to meet new people these days

      So that is what I am looking for people to meet up for the odd chat, coffee, Movie maybe even a pint or bit of food πŸ™‚

    •  ann #46123


        Well I live in westport, just come of a long term relationship and realize I have don’t have as many friends as i used to have. Work and relationship kept me busy the last few years. It would be great to meet some new people. Are you every in westport ?up for night away?

        Drop me a mail

      •  Barbara #46224

          Hello Jeannie, im a 30 years old spanish girl who arrived to Galway last week. Im a little bored cause I dont know anybody here. If u want, you can mail me so we can drink a coffee together.

        •  Niamh #46424

            Hi Girls, I’m NΓ­amh I’m a mature 26 year old. I’m just out of a long term relationship too and the friend I used have, well many of them have disappeared. My relationship and work etc has kept me ticking over for the past few years… I miss girlfriends, going out, coffees, movies, etc. Please mail me on

          •  Austin #46453

              Hi Jennie, not sure if your only looking for female friends but if not I’m 40 living north of Galway city. I moved here from Meath, I have a few friends but they are all married or in relationships. I’m single and would like to meet someone to hang out with. I like kayaking, photography and walking my 2 dogs.

            •  Roisin #46489

                I have moved to Galway City a few months ago
                and I have found it difficult to meet new people.
                Would love to meet for a coffee and a chat
                Email me if Interested

              •  lolasofie #46491

                  Hi Gals ,

                  I am 27 , looking to meet new girl friends , live outside Galway . Love Cinema , travelling , holidays and a nice coffee .

                •  Jaye #46586

                    Hi. I’m Jaye. I’ve just moved here to Galway from Australia with my fiancΓ© who is here playing trad. I’m a mature 24 year old who prefers coffee and a quiet drink to night clubs. If any of you decide to meet up please let me know.

                    •  Anonymous #46657

                        Hey Jaye

                        Welcome to Ireland! If yourself and your fiance would like to meet up for a coffee or drink at any stage, I’d be well up for it πŸ™‚ I’m a 23 year old Masters student just moved down two days ago and don’t know a soul here so before I start college next week I’d love to get to know a few people about town πŸ™‚ Feel free to contact me at any time πŸ™‚

                        •  Girlygirl #46697

                            Hey there,

                            Im a mature 19 yo and working full time, lost alot of bad friends so have nobody to do things with anymore and work is my life really.. Would love to meet another few girls to do things with, i love going to get my nails done cinema shopping coffee just a regular girl!

                      •  Niamh #46589

                          Hey guy’s, what would ye all say to arranging a evening to all meet up.. Say in the cellar bar in town early next week.? I’m leaving for cork for the weekend on Thursday so I would really like to get a few of us together before then…

                        •  Anonymous #46639

                            Hi Everyone πŸ™‚

                            I’m 27, Im into the usual stuff going for a cuppa, movies music etc, so feel free to mail me πŸ™‚

                          •  Niamh #46658

                              Hey guys πŸ™‚

                              I just moved down here yesterday and don’t know a soul about, so give me a shout if ye’d like to go for coffee or a drink πŸ™‚

                            •  Niamh #46684

                                Hey girls! So what would you say about a few if us getting together this week!?

                                •  Jaye #46685

                                    Hi, I’d like to meet up if a few are interested.

                                •  Myrthe #46687

                                    Heya! Just moved to Galway last week, would love to get to know some people! I’m a 23 year old MA graduate from The Netherlands, now looking for a job here as I’ve moved in with my boyfriend. Still pretty much fee this entire week, so name a time and a place, and I’ll be there!

                                    •  Kel #46761

                                        Hi everyone!

                                        I’m a mature student (f, 24) in Nuig. Just moved here to be with my boyfriend but still finding it difficult to meet new people! If anyone would like to grab a coffee sometime that would be great. Drop me a mail!


                                    •  Myrthe #46699

                                        Who’s free tomorrow, either for a coffee in the morning/afternoon or a drink in de evening? Is there any way we can safely share phone numbers/e-mail addresses on here?

                                      •  Niamh #46770

                                          Hi Girls, I’m eager to get in contact with a few of yer so can you please attach your Email Addresses…

                                        •  Kel #46773

                                            Hi girls,
                                            Just realised Niamh shared her email securely through a website. It’s that link on the bottom of her first comment! Pretty cool way to do it actually. Anyway, I already sent Niamh an email, maybe everyone else can too and (if you’re okay with this Niamh) she can set up a group email for us to arrange a time and place to meet up?
                                            Sorry for the long message!

                                          •  Aoife #46818

                                              Hi girls,

                                              I’m a mature 26 year old who has moved to Galway from Dublin for an MA. I’d be interested in meeting new people and getting to see Galway generally; so let me know if a meet up is on the cards!

                                            •  Niamh #46826

                                                Hi Aoife, I’d be very interested in meeting too at some point next week for a coffee or a drink.. Please give me an email on http://scr.im/37di
                                                Thanks, Niamh

                                              •  Myrthe #46870

                                                  Hey everyone,

                                                  Let me try again. I didn’t realise that you could just drop your e-mail address and it would appear as one of those links. Anyone who loves art, literature, photography, food, culture or random chats, please contact me to meet up and have coffee sometime! I live in the city centre.

                                                  Contact me on http://scr.im/39ek

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