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  •  Moon #45769


      I’m an Asian girl in my mid 20s. I back to Dublin since 3 months ago. Would be nice to meet some new friends around my age in Dublin city and we can go out for coffee,outdoor activities,museum. Please get in touch!~


    •  Tanya #45770

        Hiya moon
        Mail me if u wana chat

      •  Laszlo #46919

          Hey Moon

          Me and my gf are looking for some friends too and we’d love to take tours of Dublin with you. If you’re down please contact on either skype: sagara8, facebook: facebook.com/Loki606 or email on http://scr.im/39h8

        •  Arr #46924

            Hey Moon!

            I’m a mid twenties Irish guy looking to make a few new friends! I spend a lot of my free time going to the cinema, running, hanging out with my friends, playing Nintendo and playing guitar! I drink wayyy too much coffee, if you’d like to talk and maybe hang out I could send my Facebook name =]

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