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  •  sculptsouls #52803

      Hii Im Danae from Greece and im 20, planning to study fine arts in Dublin as an exchange student and id love it if somebody would like to point out some stuff i could look for in order to get to know a bit more about Ireland and Dublin.
      I’m searching on my own too, but i thought it would be a good idea if i actually found somebody to tell me things about Ireland.
      I’d be glad if somebody recoomended some good movies, documentaries, things that have to do with art, everyday life, history, language and folk music or current music scenes etc etc. Generally anything that somebody likes loves or dislikes or anything :p
      But yea thanks in advance :{D

    •  Ola #52809

        You can’t go wrong with the daily or weekly trip to Temple Bar. A lot of arty stuff, pubs there to go a taste of Irish folk music.

      •  yaboiiiii #52978

          i’m trying to msg u but i can’t? i’m 20 too, studying in september… can i message you somewhere?

          •  sculptsouls #53035

              uh ye idk how to message u here either, or if i can

              •  yaboiii #53043

                  yeah, this website is shit lmao, do u have skype ? add la.coste110 if you wanna

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