Hoping to Make New Friends in Castlebar

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  •  Zane1990 #21435

      Hi all,

      So I’m a 23 year old guy from Laois who has just moved to Castlebar and am hoping to make some new friends. I’m working 9-5 in the psychology department of a hospital here and while I’ve met some lovely people similar to my age, they all live in either Swinford, Claremorris or (mostly) Westport, so the scope for after work bonding and banter is pretty non-existent. The reality of being in a new town where you don’t have the luxury of college or a student house to meet people is unfortunately sinking in!

      So, if anyone is up for meeting up to have a few pints and head out some weekend, maybe join some sports clubs or societies or just hang out in general around Castlebar let me know.


    •  sarah #45741

        Hi just found this post, are u still in castlebar? I’m living here too single mum etc don’t get the chance to get out and make new friends.

        •  Sabrina #47014

            Hi Sarah, how are you? Are you still interested in meeting new people?

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