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  •  Amelia90 #53361

      My name is Amelia. I’m 26, and have just moved to Dublin from Belgium to study a Master’s.
      I’m hoping to make some new friends, as I’ll be staying for at least a year. My hobbies include going for walks & hikes, eating good food, visiting museums and historic sites, going to concerts, movies, baking & calligraphy.
      If you’re interested in hanging out some time, please feel free to contact me!

      (I live in Dublin 2, and as I don’t have a car, I am somewhat limited as to how far I can go to meet up. Walking & public transportation are my only means of transportation.)

    •  Adi25 #53368

        Hi Amelia,

        My name is Adi, 25, working as an academic in south dublin and although im not new to town (been here 2 years), I am looking to make some new friends. I think we share similar interests: I love having good food, walking around and exploring different places, watching movies and concerts. I work in Dublin 4 and rely on public transportation. Ive been to Belgium a couple of times and I love it! Would be great to meet somewhere in the city centre. Cheers!

      •  llaura.cl #53379

          Hi Amelia,

          I’m Laura, 24 y-o from Canada and have just moved to Dublin for work today, staying also for at least a year. I’m currently staying in Dublin 2!

          All your interests are similar to mine, i would love to go hiking or just meet for coffee and walk around the city. I’m starting work only on the 11th, so I’m pretty free all week! Contact me whenever πŸ™‚


          •  Amelia90 #53391

              Hi Laura!
              I just got back from a visit to Belfast, and saw your reponse, as a lovely surprise.
              I’d be delighted to meet up this week. My classes only start the 18th, so I’ve also got lots of time at the moment. Would you have time to meet this evening or tomorrow, perhaps? Let me know πŸ™‚

              Hi Adi!
              Thanks for your reply!
              I’m happy to meet up some time.
              As you’re currently the busy one with work (my classes don’t start until the 18th) I’m happy to adjust to your schedule. Let me know when you might have some time! πŸ™‚

              Perhaps if we can find a moment that suits all of us, we could go for drinks together?

              •  Adi25 #53393

                  Hi Amelia,

                  Thanks for the reply, I have a normal schedule, work 9-5 on weekdays and am generally free in the evenings. We could meet this evening if it suits you. Let me know πŸ™‚


                  •  Amelia90 #53395

                      Sounds good.
                      It’s probably easiest if you add me on fb to discuss practicalities.

                    •  Adi25 #53396

                        Thats great! I have sent you a request.


                •  Ketan.k #53412

                    Hi Amelia,

                    My name is Ketan. I just moved to Dublin from India. Ive come here for work and will be staying here permanently. Looking to make some nice friends and have a social life, pretty much.

                    My interests seem like they align with yours. I love watching tv shows, movies. Enjoy listening to music. Beginning to like walks since everybody walks here in Dublin. I enjoy concerts as well.. I saw that there are some really cool bands coming to Dublin in the months to come.

                    May be we all on this thread can catch up for coffee sometime. I currently stay in Dublin4. I’m comfortable with the traveling in buses. (Thanks to the moovit app)

                    Hope to catch you guys soon!

                    •  Amelia90 #53421

                        Hi Ketan,
                        I’ll be sure to let you know when we next plan to meetup to visit someplace.

                    •  AdamMskl71 #53435

                        Hi, I am also new in town, I am 45 old, employed in Dublin, I have several occupations. Hobbies: amateur playing guitar, composing music, have an eye for a good movie. My English is on A2 level πŸ™ My yutb&fb is Adam Miskulin.

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                      •  Bobcork #53481

                          Howdy, I’m in Dublin tomorrow for a night, staying in Dublin 2. I’m from cork the name is Robert if you fancy a few beers or a walk and a chat nothing to crazy. I’m just looking to pass time up there. Always gives you a option to come to Cork also

                          0830427006/message me if your free


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