I am looking for friends over in Summer in Bray/Dublin

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  •  Noemi #46217

      Hey guys, I am a 20 years old girl coming from Czech Republic and I am in Bray over the summer. Is anybody there to hang out with me? In Bray or in Dublin? Here`s my email adress..you can write me if you were interested in it. http://scr.im/36ws. See ya

    •  Miguel #46219

        I will be in Dublin during a week in August.
        I am looking for someone to hang out as well so if you are interested dont hesitate to contact me.
        See you.

      •  Steve #46266

          Hi Noemi,

          My name is Steve and I am 27. I live in Bray and I am mostly based in South Dublin. I looking to meet new people to hang out with.

          If I don’t get around to send you an email here’s mine http://scr.im/36s9


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