I'll be an au pair nearby Westmeath, Ireland.

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  •  LauEchalecu #52899

      Hi guys,
      I’m Laura, a 21 year-old girl, from Spain. This summer I’ll be an Au pair nearby Dublin, in Westmeath. If somebody is there or is going to be… write me a message because I wanna meet new people to hang out, travel around Ireland or things like that 🙂

    •  Manon Coulomp #52919

        Hey, I’m currently an au Pair in Mullingar ! Tell me if your nearby maybe we could catch up ! 🙂

      •  LauEchalecu #52925

          I’ll be there the 30th of june and my host parents tell me that my house is nearby Mullingar so… I think if you want that we can catch up or hang out… where are you from? do you have Facebook or something like that? 🙂

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        •  Manon Coulomp #52927

            I’m from northern France and yes, I have Facebook. You can finde with the same username as here 🙂

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