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  •  Marina11 #50660

      My name is Marina, I’m 24 and I’m from Croatia. I moved to Dublin a month ago and would realy like to meet some new friends who will be happy to explore the city, go tho the movies or shoping… just contact me and I will send you my number.
      (Sorry if I wrote something wrong…my english…)

    •  Orla #50663

        Hi Marina,

        I’m also 24 and in the middle of moving up. Which part of Dublin are you staying in?

      •  Marina11 #50665

          Hi Orla! I’m close to Blanchardstown. You?

          •  Orla #50666

              I’ll be staying in Cabinteely πŸ™‚ so we’re pretty opposite i think hahah it would be easy for us to meet in the centre though!

          •  Marina11 #50667

              I agree. Would you like me to send you my number so you can contact me? I heard there is a whatsapp group but I’m not shure…

              •  Orla #50673

                  Yeah you can give me your number if you like πŸ˜€ There is a couple of whatsapp groups in the other posts on here, yeah! Why don’t you look through them and ask if you could be added πŸ™‚

              •  Mathis #50681

                  Hi Marina, i’m in the same situation as you.. I arrived in Dublin last week and i don’t know anyone !
                  If your proposal is still relevant, i’m motivated to discover the city and meet other people..
                  Contact me, if you want

                •  Debbys #50683

                    Don’t worry for you English it’s normal, you learn a new language. It’s a bit of time I’m here now and I still do some mistakes sometimes so..
                    I’m in D7 quite near to where you leave, if you want to meet or we can meet everyone in the same time too
                    Have a good day!

                  •  Marina11 #50684

                      I agree.

                    •  edu #50825

                        Hello, Marina. My name is Eduardo and I’m in Dublin two weeks ago. I am also interested in making new friends. I’m 28 and I’m from Brazil. I want to explore the city and see new places. If you want, we talked by whatsapp.

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