In my late 30's looking for new friends

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  •  justme #53298

      Hi Everybody, been in Dublin for few years but all my friends are moving away or starting their own families. If you are in the same situation and you want to go for a coffee, cinema, food… drinks, dancing and so on… let me know 🙂

      Looking forward to heard from you!! 🙂
      Just me 😛 xx

    •  fi #53303

        Im also in my thirties and would love to meet up with other girls. Im irish, living in Dublin but a lot of my friends have moved away. I love shopping, travelling, going out, meeting new people. If you are interested in catching up please email me at [email protected]

      •  alan1982 #53333

          Hey Justme

          I’m in a similar position 🙂

          Coffee, cinema, food, walks all good with me.

          Email me on [email protected] if ya want!


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