Irish girl looking for galway friends

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  •  Gracie #53168

      I am a 28 year old girl and I am looking for international friends in galway age 22-32 male or
      female… I have a inrested in
      international people based on would be nice if they were arabic.french.
      Danish.American.Canadian.and finally Brazilian thank you..I will tell you more if u inbox me

    •  girls time #53209

        Hi gracie how are you? I am from mauritius but here 9 here now. I am moving to galway soon with my husband from dublin. I would love to keep in touch so we could go for coffee in galway. As i dont know anyne in galway. Feel free to text me on 0857240439 if you fancy.

        Nice meeting you!
        Prema πŸ™‚

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