Italian in Limerick looking to speak english and new friends

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  •  gianfranco #53350

      Hello to everybody! I’m looking to meet new friends for nights out, music, cinema, talking english and visiting the country. I’m italian, 48 years old, easy-going with sense of humour. Please, leave a message if interested and I will phone you back very soon. Gianfranco

    •  Vron #53351

        Pity you don’t live in Mayo! Would have been nice to meet you. Vron

        •  gianfranco #53358

            Hello. I send you a message bit it came back. I hope you will get this one. It could be nice to meet you and I was thinking to come tomorrow anyway because it is not really very far and I can come by car. If you send me your telephone number I phone you because I have an international abonnement. See you I hope. If you want to sms 0033610178167

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