Kilkenny friends!!

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  •  Naynee #52372

      Hiiii im a 26 year old in kilkenny…just hoping to meet some new friends for drinks at the weekend or just coffee and shopping 🙂 many of my friends moved or we just drifted apart and im so outgoing that I def miss having the craic and a laugh with the girls 🙂

    •  Leemarie #52396

        Hey totally in the same boat, moved back home recently to the midlands after being in college whats your email?

        •  Naynee #52401

            Hii..thank god im not the only one haha yeah my emails naomicoady246@gmail or you can get me on snapchat naycoady 🙂

            •  Leemarie #52402

                Haha I feel the pain it’s so shit like!! Cool I’ll send you an email because I had Snapchat for like 1 day before I deleted it haha might try again eventually

          •  Shan45g #53416

              Hi I’m the same problem just saw this old post if you guys are still interested 😁

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