Ladies 40 -50yrs night out in town the odd saturday. Try a few pubs/bars.

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  •  Orlagh #54719

      Hi Ladies, Anyone interested heading out the odd saturday night into town ( when pubs reopen in Dublin), and try a few pubs/bars?, and make new friendships. Please get in touch if interested. Hope to hear from you all.

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    •  ihaveadream #54737

        Hi Orlagh

        I know you said 40 to 50 but I’m 35 and love meeting new people for a few pints šŸ™‚


        •  Orlagh #54742

            Hi Ash, How are you? Your welcome along. What is your email address so I can chat to you properly?

            •  GW #54767

                Hi i am interested to meet sometime i am in my 50s and married and love meeting new people Ta GW

          •  ihaveadream #54745

              Great (*email address removed*) Look forward to hearing from you.

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            •  Orlagh #54747

                Hey Ash, Thanks.. I will email you soon.

              •  Orlagh #54780

                  Hi GW, Thanks for the reply Good to hear from you. What is your email address?, so we can chat more.

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