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  •  Cherrypie #50693


      I’m looking for girls or guys to meet up around Dublin area. Are you interested in hiking? Eating out? Dog walking? Chilling out at weekend? Going for coffee, or for a few drinks after a long hard week of work? Meeting friends is so tough, and I’m hoping some of you will reach out. I’m recently married, but lost contact with old friends, as I don’t have kids, I have more time on my hands. Hubby has his own set of friends, that I dont feel comfortable tagging along with.

      Don’t let life pass you by!!

      Please reply and we can arrange something

    •  norica #50706

        I’m mailing from out side of Dublin.
        I’ a Japanese.
        I lived in Ireland for three years, i sometimes visit there.
        I might visit over there next month. If you have a time, I’d like to go for s pint. let me kow great qrack all abou Dublin.

      •  Cherrypie #50708

          Sure! Let me know when you arrive.

        •  norica #50712

            Hi, I got your e-mail. Thank you.

          •  sun_shine #50863


              It seems we to have a lot in common. Would you like to grab a cup of coffee sometime?

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            •  SK #50901

                Hi Ladies

                Would be keen to join you when you meet up.


                •  sun_shine #50910

                    Hi SK!

                    I did not hear anything back from Cherrypie yet . Would you like to meet up this Friday or Saturday for a coffee?

                    P.S. Hi Cherrypie! I hope you will be able to make it too! 😀

                •  orlagh #50948

                    Hi how are you? Similar interests too. Sure send me an email and we can meet up. [email protected]

                  •  Lorie_xox #50955

                      Hey cherry pie sunshine & orla
                      I would love to get a gang of us together to meet up. I’ve already been chatting to orla!! Cherry pie, I am same as yourself, married no kids, and a lot of my friends are moving away !!! I am looking to meet up to do the same things, I love pubs shopping cinema walking travelling & weekends away!!! I have lots of ideas for good nights & days out for us !!!

                    •  Cherrypie #50963


                        Sorry for late reply. Are you still on for meeting up? I’m in city centre, can meet for coffee or something? What do you think?

                        Email me on [email protected]

                      •  Dayna #52848

                          Hi Ladies. Just joined site. In similar situation. Have you guys managed to meet up? Live in Dun Laoghaire. Would love to meet some likeminded ladies who are up for a bit of a laugh.

                          •  Hulahoops #52900

                              Hi. I have recently moved to the area, so am looking for some new Dun Laoghaire friends. Would also love to meet up sometime.

                              Would like to go walking the pier in the evenings also!

                              •  Dayna #52911

                                  Hi hulahoops,

                                  Msg me if you’d like to connect [email protected]

                                •  Sofine #52986

                                    Hey hula!

                                    If your up for it, let’s get a few of us together!

                                    Where do you live? We could meet for coffee or something?

                                    Let me know what you think

                                    Cherry pie

                              •  Kitty #52983

                                  Hey Girls

                                  Ive just joined this site!

                                  Ive just moved to South Dublin in March, now living in Dun Laoghaire area.

                                  I know not a soul or sinner apart from work colleagues so I have been hailing it up to the country every weekend, im from Dongeal!

                                  Would love to meet up some time!

                                  •  Sofine #52985


                                      I’d love to meet up. Give me a shout my email is [email protected]

                                      I was under cherry pie, but has to re register as their are some administrative issues here!

                                      Be great to hear from you

                                  •  Hulahoops #52987

                                      Hi everyone,

                                      I’m definitely into meeting up – I thought I was getting notifications, but just got loads today, so so sorry if I haven’t replied.

                                      I live just 5 mins from DL – in Granitefield.
                                      I’m into meeting for coffee – when would suit anyone?


                                    •  Dayna #52988

                                        Hi guys, I’m in DL as well.
                                        Direct email seems to be the only way to connect so feel free to email me if you would like to meet up. [email protected]

                                        I’m meeting one girl I connected with on another post this Sunday evening for first time. Venue is House on Leeson St…plan is a bite to eat, drink and chat. All welcome if you are free.


                                      •  Kitty #52989


                                          Hula im only up the road in Killiney!

                                          Im actually staying in Dublin this weekend as I have to work for a few hours on Saturday.

                                          Free to meet up on Friday evening?

                                          Dayna I might take you up on that offer on Sunday evening!

                                          Sofine I will defo give you a shout.

                                          •  Hulahoops #53024

                                              Hi Kitty,

                                              That’s great – Sorry I got locked out of the site! 😖

                                              Can I email you directly?
                                              My mail is [email protected]


                                          •  Sofine #53101

                                              Hi girls
                                              This thread has gone quiet!

                                              Any one up for some summer rendezvous? Not the romantic kind of course.

                                              PM and we can take it from there.

                                              Life is for living… you’ll be a long time gone!

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