Ladies in their late 30's to mid 40's Dublin

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  •  Sofine #53667

      Hey Ladies

      If your single, married, kids, no kids, pets or whatever floats your boat. Don’t be shy and get in contact.
      It’s coming up to Christmas and why not share a few glasses of wine and have a chat with some girls.

      Just to say, I’m Looking to make real friends, not really to go clubbing with!

      Sofine x

    •  lightheartedgirl #53679

        Hi sofine,

        I wud love to meet up for drinks and a girly chats in the pub. Im in my late 30’s, single, from Dublin and like yourself want to make good friends. Im not into the clubbing scene either. Do you have an email? Im not sure if it is possible to send a private message on this site even.

        Hope to hear from you:-)

      •  Sofine #53691

          Hi there
          Sorry for delay getting back to you!
          My email is [email protected]
          What’s yours? Drop me an email and we’ll catch up
          I’m on for meeting up

          •  orlagh #53693

              Hi Girls,
              How are you all? My friend is organising a meet up in town on saturday, 9th December for a few drinks. We haven’t chose a pub or time as of yet but anyone is welcome. I’m not into clubs really myself but don’t mind the odd music bar. Hope to hear back from anyone interested in meeting up.


            •  orlagh #53694

                Sorry girls, my email address is [email protected]


            •  Mandy70 #53796

                I’d love to meet up make new friends it my birthday today in my 40”s divorced need a life lol amanda 😎

                •  orlagh #53814

                    Hi Amanda,

                    Sorry for the late reply. Hope you enjoyed your birthday. Be lovely to meet up. If it suits you send me an e-mail and we can organise something soon.


                •  Maggs77 #53859

                    Hi sofine,

                    Just dropping you a quick message, ladies from Dublin also 40 s looking for new female friends . get in touch thanks

                    •  orlagh #53865

                        Hi Maggs,

                        Great to hear from you. What is your e-mail address and we can chat.


                        •  Maggs77 #53866

                            Hi orla ,

                            My email is

                            Maggs3977@gmail. com

                            Chat soon

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