Let’s Make It Legendary -8) (Looking for New Friends in Dublin and Co.Wicklow)

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      Hi !
      I’m Barbora, 21 years old from Czech republic and I’m worinkg here as an au-pair in Greystones(co. Wicklow-near Dublin)for some time and to be honest I need to talk and spend time with somebody who isn’t a child or its parent.Let’s be frank,I’m not such a good english speaker(but alcohol helps :D) and it’s a reason why I’m here.I have all my friends far away and I do not wanna be lonely here anymore. I will stay here till the end of August so this time it’s gonna be legendary!! We can do this. I’m glad I found this page,cause I need company. I’m looking for someone for coffee,gossip,shopping,movies,concerts etc. and little bit drinking as well of course or for exploring Ireland,cause I love this picturesque country. -8) Please let me know if you are interested. Find me on Facebook: Bára Zelená

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