Let's meet friends!

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  •  Ale #54834

      Hello! I am currently living in Athlone and I would love to meet new friends (female 30’s). Anyone up for a beer? 😊

    •  dani #54870


        I know this is an older post so you may not respond which is fine 😆
        Am also a female in my 30’s, in Ashbourne currently but meeting new friends is just terribly difficult 🙈 would love to have a chat or grab a drink, completely up to you 😊

      •  Leogirl #54883

          Hey Ale

          I’m new to this for for some reason my responses aren’t posting. I go out in Athlone or at least I used to. Id love to meet for a pint. There isn’t an option to private mail people so you can message me here leogirl55555 @ gmail.com

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