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  •  Donal #42378

      Hi Folks,
      I thought I’d start a new topic. All the guys and girls have been posting individually but would it not be great if we all arranged to meet up as a group?
      I’ve had the pleasure of meeting up with one or two people already- who were good fun and decent people.
      I think we would all welcome a unified approach to meeting, fun and interesting people that will help inject life and fun back into our social lives.
      So, if anyone is interested in meeting up, either male or female and is from planet earth:), and would like to grow their circle of friends- then feel free to get in touch! Everyone is very welcome!
      Exciting times are ahead for us all as well as the chance to make some good friends!
      Hope to see some of you soon!

    •  James #42379

        LIke your thinking Donal! I’m up for that!

      •  Daniel #42388

          Guys, I’m in, just establish a day and place

          •  Donal #42488

              Hi everyone,
              Drop in to McSorley’s( In Ranelagh) this Thursday from 8.45pm.
              Everyone is very welcome. It will be a fun relaxed way to make new friends!
              You can text me and I’ll meet you outside. My mobile no is above in earlier post.

          •  lars #42392

              I’m up for that. Send me a mail. http://scr.im/2y2d

            •  Marian #42402

                Sounds good!

              •  fiona #42418

                  Hey everyone, I’m up for that too!!

                  Feel free to email me http://scr.im/2ydx

                •  Weronika #42419

                    I’m interested too, just need to arrange time and place.I propose maybe Wednesday about 18:30 in some pub near Temple bar, please recommend any if it nice to be there. Also I found weekend good time to meet.
                    If anyone is interested, just let us know.


                  •  Donal #42446

                      Hi Folks,
                      I’m back from holidays and think it’s time to arrange that group meet up. How would people feel about meeting this coming week? If people had any suggestions that would be great. For the first event maybe meeting for a drink might be the best thing , so that everyone is relaxed and can enjoy chatting with each other and getting to know one another better.
                      The only nights I’m not available are Thursday or Friday.

                      Anyway, lets get something lined up..we all deserve to make some new friends! Spread the word…


                    •  Mert #42455

                        Hey there
                        it’s a really good idea. Just tell me when (the best time is in the evening)

                      •  Donal #42456

                          Hi Mert,
                          Thanks for your message. Yes, we will all meet up soon. I’ll let you know once something is organised. Evening time is better for all of us too.
                          Chat soon.

                        •  fiona #42470

                            Hey Donal, looking forward to meeting up!

                            my email is http://scr.im/2ydx

                          •  Donal #42481

                              Meet Up On Thursday 11th Sep in McSorley’s Pub in Ranelagh-Everyone is very welcome!
                              Time:Meet at 8.45pm

                              Anyone who is free to meet up for a drink and a chat with potential new friends is more than welcome to drop in to McSorley’s…
                              I’m meeting Robert for a drink, so if you don’t have plans, then drop in for a fun night… The more the merrier!
                              My contact details are: 0868046483
                              I’d be happy to meet you outside and bring you in as you may not recognise us!
                              Hope to see lots of new people this Thursday!:-)

                            •  Michael #42482

                                Hi Donal,
                                I’m just in dub since August and I would really like to meet some new people and expand my circle of friends.
                                let me know if there is plan for a few people to meet up etc. as I would certainly be up for that

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