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  •  Melarky #53542

      Newish to town want to meet like minded people for drinks and dancing. Mad in to jiving at the mo 😁
      Where’s good to go?

    •  Kitty #53980

        Hi All 😊
        Recently moved back to Donegal..
        Would like to expand circle of Friends in the North West, for Coffee, Cinema, Drinking, Dancing, Dinner, Roadtrips etc. ā€¦

        •  Noman.1231 #54031


          •  Anonymous #54461

              Hi Kitty

              How are you getting on looking for friendship in Donegal. I have been living in Donegal for over ten years now and due to life changes im looking for new friends for coffee,drinks,walks,dinners, movie’s anything really.


          •  Melarky #54462

              Im so sorry Kitty
              I never received a notification of your entry or maybe it went to spam, I’d forgot i had set this up to be honest.
              Hey Alan. Can do a meet up soon if it suits?

              •  Anonymous #54463

                  Hey Imelda
                  That would be great. Here is my email address so we can discuss things further.
                  [email protected]

              •  Dude92 #54473

                  Hey guys, I just moved up to LK about a week ago. Looking to meet some interesting people. Decided to just make this account and see what happens šŸ™‚


                  •  ali #54689

                      Hey Akky..how are you? Im new enough to the area also and am interested in making new friends too..would love to chat šŸ™‚

                  •  Jjy67 #54671

                      Hey, not sure if anyone is using this? Just moved to Letterkenny and looking to meet some fun and interesting people once lockdown ends. Thanks, John

                    •  ali #54690

                        Hey guys..hows everyone doing?
                        Ali here in my 30s.. new enough to the area also…would love to get to know some new friends šŸ™‚

                        •  DM #54702

                            Hi Ali, I’m newish to LK from Waterford. Would love to meet for a chat. A man got me to Donegal but I miss the chats with the girls. My sisters and my bestie come up occasionally but it’s not the same as having people in the area.

                        •  89er #54820

                            Hi Everybody,
                            I’ve recently returned to LK (with a fiancee that’s a complete newcomer), and hoping to make some new pals as well as re-connect with some old ones. Looks like there are 5 or 6 people that have contributed to this discussion at this point – if people are open to it, how about an open, collective get-together? Now that the pubs are open, we could meet up for a couple of casual drinks. All the better if we have a couple of lads and a couple of girls. Any interest?

                          •  89er #54821

                              ^^ Sorry, I thought my last message didn’t post right, hence the duplicate .. (that or I’m subconsciously desperate for friends šŸ˜‰ )

                              Hi everybody,
                              I’ve recently returned to LK (along with a fiancee that’s a complete newcomer), and the hope is to make some new pals as well as re-connect with some old ones. Looks like there are 5 or 6 people that have posted on this forum at this point – just the right number I’d say for a casual get-together and a couple of drinks in town… Any interest??

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                            •  Matt H #54823

                                Hey Everyone,

                                My wife and I also just moved to the Letterkenny area a few days ago from Canada. We are 30 and 28 y/o. Would love to meet you all! We are in Churchill for the next month but willing to cab to meet folks at a pub.

                                •  89er #54824

                                    Sounds good! Feel bad having you take a taxi to town from Churchill, but sure – if you’re up for it. Should have mentioned our ages too, I’m 31 and my fiancee is 28. We’re away next weekend but if you fancied a couple of drinks tomorrow night (Saturday) we could manage that. Or we could defer for a couple of weeks if you prefer. If anyone else is seeing this and fancies joining up, do leave a message. Apparently posting phone numbers is against the rules of this forum, but drop me an email if you’d like to set something up… [email protected]

                                •  Chelsea #54827

                                    Hi everyone 😊 my name is Chelsea Iā€™m 26 and recently moved to letterkenny, Iā€™m looking to meet new people and make some friends . I would like to meet up and hang out go for coffee, drinking on a night out, would be really great to meet some people as I work from home so finding it really hard to meet new people

                                    I have my person email if anyone wants to chat or meet up

                                    •  Rory32-2023 #54939

                                        Hi Chelsea

                                        Did you end up finding friends? Drop me your email if you didn’t and maybe we could become friends 😊


                                    •  Matt H #54828

                                        Hey Chelsea,

                                        My wife Hannah and I met up with Philip (89er) and his fiance last night. Great folks. They are out of town next weekend but we would be up to meet for dinner and or drinks. Let us know what works for you. Also up for sometime during the week after work if that’s better.

                                        Feel free to email me at [email protected] and we can set something up.

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