Look for new friends in Dundalk.

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  •  Yusuke Koike #53424

      Hi, I am Japanese and I am 30years old.
      I currently live in Warsaw Poland with my wife but I have to relocate to Dundalk in Ireland. My wife will be not able to move together because it’s short term(miin:6months). Thus I might get lonely there.

      I already live in England, Poland so I am interested in diversity and to discover culture difference between my country and others.

      To go disco and club to have bouncing party on Friday is not my fond but
      I like Rock,Blues,Jazz music(I am a guitarist), Cooking and going pubs and cafes to have tasty wine, ale and tea and intense espresso(I was a baraman).

      I mean I am pre-sure that I am open-minded person but hope I can discover more the world ,we are living and interesting people like you;)

      Thanks to read

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