Looking for a few new girls to hang out with

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  •  Mary #41973

      Hi there

      I’m 30 and am living in Dublin. Over the past few years I’ve seen my social circle dwindle as friends emigrate to Oz, the UK and Dubai and I think it’s about time I increased my social circle!

      I miss having girls around to hang out with, grab a coffee or a drink, go for dinner, head to the coast, see some comedy etc…All the usual stuff.

      If you are in a similar boat, I’d love to hear from you.

    •  Rebecca #42054

        Hi Mary,

        My name is Rebecca, 30 years old and in the same situation with looking to expand my social circle. Between emigration, marriage and babies things like nights out, lunches and coffees are few and far between! Anyway drop me an email at http://scr.im/2xeg 🙂


        •  Fiona #42061

            Meant to say I’m 28 and normal!

        •  Alison #42058

            Hey mary

            How’s things? Lots of us gals seem to be in the same situation so was thinking why don’t we all just meet up for a coffee and some banter. I’ve been chatting to Rebecca and mailed a girl called ann too. Maybe the four of us can get together for chats next week?

            If you are up for it girl down me a mail



          •  Fiona #42060

              Hi Mary. I’m In the same boat. My friends are in different locations around Ireland. I’ve a few in Dublin bit would like to meet more people. I was away in UK and Oz for 5 years but am back since last summer. I’m an OT so am kept busy and in a drama club and cycling club. But love meeting new people….

            •  sarah #42065

                Hi Mary, I am also 30 and in the same boat as you! Looking to meet knew people as friends are sadly moving on.
                Hope to hear from you
                Sarah 🙂

              •  Sonia #42113

                  Hi ! 🙂

                  Sonia, i’m French and live in Paris.

                  I just read your message and i think we have similar interests, i’ll be in Dublin in July and i intend to stay there, so i’d like to meet new people here, i love this city!

                  I’ve many friends who have gone definitely abroad so i know how it is, anyway if you want to get to know me, feel free to contact me it would be nice to meet! (http://scr.im/2xed)


                •  Misspink #42117

                    Hi ladies,
                    I’m a 30 year old girl from dublin, and I’m in the same boat too :-), I would love to make some new friends for girly chats, meeting up for lunch,the cinema,shopping nights in and out and generally anything girly lol
                    No matter how much life has going on I can always make time for my girl friends and would love to make some new ones x

                    I also think the idea of a few meeting up together is a great idea x

                  •  Misspink #42122

                      My email is http://scr.im/2xfd by the way lol

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