Looking for a Good Friend in Kilkenny

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      hello , i am a 32 year old Scottish woman , I’ve been living in France for the last 17 years where I met my partner and had our son (2 years old ) , we have moved to Kilkenny for his work and I find it quite hard to meet people here , everyone seems to already be in groups and doesn’t seem keen on making friends , except for the usual chit chat i haven’t met anyone , and as I am not working I spend most of my time alone , at home and walking around with my boy . I left all my friends behind to move here with my family and am feeling very lonely I would love to meet some other mums or make a good friend that I can just bleather with …. go out for a drink and have some fun with go shopping etc… as much as I love my family I really feel the need for some ME time .!!!!!
      I am a dress maker , and used to go to all the festivals in France and sell my clothes but am not to keen on doing this here alone , I love music and going to concerts , walking and talking 😉 i don’t know where to go and when i go to the park with my lad I find even the mums there a quite cold and not wanting to chat maybe because I m a bit shy .
      In friendship I am very loyal , great listener and know how to keep a secret !!! don’t hesitate to contact me

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