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      I am an Asian boy (28 years old). I am planning to move to Dublin for short course assignment this summer. I never been in Ireland before but I know that people are very nice and friendly. I am interested to know more about Ireland history and culture during my stay in Dublin. I don’t have friends there. I am looking for a roommate (a girlfriend) that is familiar with Dublin and know most of nice places there to take me around and have fun. I prefer nonsmoker girl from any nationality.
      My scholarship sponsor will cover the housing allowance to a certain limit that will allow me to have a one bedroom apartment according to the rental rate in Dublin. So, I will not charge my roommate any single penny for the rent. We can share food and I will try to cock some Asian famous dishes if ingredients are available in Dublin’s supermarkets. So, please don’t say “yaaa…Opps..it is salty”, just say “hummm…it is delicious” J :*( . I expect that I will have one of my good days in Dublin this summer.


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