Looking for female friends 30-40 in Galway!

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  •  Margo #53619

      Hi. I’m 36 and living in Galway City. I’m looking to make new genuine female friends to hang out with and go places. Things like going for coffee’s, lunches, chats and going out, weekends away or holidays would be great! Alot of my old friends are moved away or mortgage and kids situation. Feel I’m stuck in a rut and want to rejuvenate my social circle! If you find yourself in the same boat – drop me a line!

    •  LAURACROFTT #53620

        Hi Margo. I’m in Sligo but I’m over in galway regularly and would love to meet up for a coffee sometime.
        Feel free to message me here if you’d like to meet up. 😊

      •  Ammie #53623

          Hi Margo. Similar situation here. If you’d fancy a few drinks at the Weekend or something get back with an email addie and we can arrange it… πŸ™‚

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