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  •  tracy89 #48357

      Hi my name is Tracy. I’m 26 and living here in Cork a year now. I’m looking to expand my circle and meet new friends. I said I’d try this out as its hard to meet girls especially when your in a new place. I like the usual stuff going out, coffee, gigs etc
      Give me a message if you are in the same.boat!

    •  Carletta90 #48379

        Hi Tracy, how are you ? I live in Cork year, Ireland is an interesting place but sometimes I’d like to go female shopping or coffee with a friend and gossip in a positive sense šŸ™‚ what would you say for that ?

      •  Sammy #48414

          Hi Girls! I’m 27 and I’ve been living in Cork for a year now. I do agree it’s difficult to meet new friends… I’d love to meet up for a coffee, lunch, nice walk on a sunny day, some girls shopping…… If you’re interested I’d love to meet up šŸ™‚


        •  Carletta90 #48418

            would you like to meet international friend?
            I mean myself

          •  eeedelly #48422

              Hi Girls,
              I’m completely new to Cork just moved and looking to make friends. Living in my own and working in a job with older/married etc people so it’s really difficult to meet people of similar age and interests! Would be up for meeting, drinks, coffee…whatever!

            •  Carletta90 #48429

                me me me !

              •  Veronica #48445

                  Hello everyone, I’m 27 years old italian and I moved in Killarney one week ago. But I would like to come in Cork one of the next days to spend time there and visit the city. Somebody is interested to show me the place?

                •  Sara #48470

                    Hi girls, i totally agree.. It’s quite difficult to make new friends!! I’d love to meet up if your interested!

                  •  Mary #48484

                      Hi girls!!

                      I’m Mary, I’m 26 years old, living in Cork about a year, I agree with you, it’s so hard make new friends.
                      We could do a meeting somewhere for a coffee or something.
                      That is my email http://scr.im/3blq if someone want to get in touch.


                    •  coucou #48514

                        hey Tracey, im not from Cork but would love to visit someday
                        like travelling.. im easy going but maybe we could chat some more?

                      •  Mary #48731

                          I’m still looking for new friends in Cork, if someone want to meet up for a coffee.


                        •  Dina #49391

                            I am looking for friends in Mallow, Cork: Russian speakers and from different countries with i can practice English! Iā€™m 30 years old.
                            [email protected]

                            •  Gillian #49431

                                Hi I would like to meet up so please email me thanks Gillian

                            •  Dannie200 #52239

                                Same boat,give me a text on 0852485165 thanks Danielle

                                •  Ani #53150

                                    Hi Dannie. Noticed this thread is pretty old but your post is from not too long ago.
                                    In same boat, live just outside of Cork. Let me know if anyone is still looking. Would love a regular get-together or just spontaneous random outings. Cheers.

                                    •  Dannie200 #53449

                                        Number 0877852726 Danielle ere living in city center

                                  •  Fanny91 #53276

                                      Hi Girls! I am 26, spending the summer in Cork. I am easy-going and open-minded, would love to meet locals šŸ™‚ Please mail me if you would like to meet up for a coffee or beer!

                                    •  Dannie200 #53448

                                        Hi I’m ,34 living in city center,into same things message me on 0877852726

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