Looking for female friends Dublin city early to mid 20's

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  •  Rachael #48633

      Hi! I’m 23 and moved to Dublin in January. Don’t know many people here yet. Looking for girl friends to have tea and chats with in the evening, go for walks or a movie, try new fitness classes together etc.. 🙂

    •  Becca #48638

        Hi Rachel! I’m in a similar position. Moved to Dublin from Cork in January for work. Most of my friends are male and half are moving away in September! I miss having my girls around! I’m not a massive girly girl, I love exercising, hikes, going for drinks, food and adventurous kind of stuff but I still love a good chat and cocktails! I’m 23 also 🙂

        My email is http://scr.im/3bl8 if you want to send me a message!

      •  Krystal #48667

          Hi Rachael,

          I’m 25 an most of my friends now have babies! So that’s their main focus now. Where I’m looking for friends to hang out and go on little adventure, drinks an fun. Miss all the girls nights out an all the chats too. Mail me if ya want to meet up 😊

        •  Hervine #48672

            Hi girls ! I am also new in town, 22 yo, and I would love to hang out; for a tea, or going in the country side, or a movie… so absolutely anything ! Drop me a message. 🙂

          •  Lisa #48689

              Hi Rachel,

              I’m living in Dublin for just a week now and would really love to meet up and just spend some time together, chatting, going to the cinema, hiking or whatever. I’m twenty and come from Germany. Just drop me a message, if you want to spend some time together! 🙂

            •  Caitriona #48723

                Hey girls,

                In the same boat as ye, just moved up to Dublin and miss my friends 😕

                Love to meet some girls to gossip and have cocktails with 😀

              •  Rachael #48728

                  Hey Girls! Thanks so much for the replies. Not sure how to get back to you so send me an email at http://scr.im/3eb4 and we’ll try organise a get-together 🙂

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