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  •  Lynn #47282

      My name is Lynn , I’m 30 , from Dublin . My friends have settled down and circumstances have changed so there not as out going these days .
      I’m Looking to meet new female friends who are up for having a laugh and going out into town socialising (pubs ,clubs , gigs) . I also like dance music and would love to meet women who would like to go to dance events also .

    •  wendy #47285

        Hi Lynn how r were about in Dublin r u I’m in D15

        •  Lynn #47286

            Hi Wendy
            I’m on south side , D12. Is it easy for you to go out in town ?

            •  wendy #47290

                Hi Lynn yes it’s easy only 15mins away

                •  Lynn #47297

                    Hi Wendy
                    My email is http://scr.im/3ad4 if you want to contact me to talk more and arrange a night out

            •  orla #47287

                Hey Lynn, how are ya? your welcome along anytime with myself and a friend for drinks in town sometime .

                •  Lynn #47288

                    Hi Orla , I’d love to meet up for a few drinks with you and your friend . Thanks for the invite I appreciate it

                •  orla #47289

                    Hi Lynn, What is your e-mail address? Could mail you when I’m organising a night out if you like?

                    •  Lynn #47292

                        Thanks Orla , I will send you an email address tomorrow , I have to set up a new one as i am wary about putting my contact details on this for everyone to see . Will you be meeting up in next few weeks ?

                    •  orla #47293

                        Hi Lynn, Yes thats fine, no problem. I understand what you mean regarding putting personal info onto the site. Yes I hope to organise a night out soon and I will e-mail you the details!

                      •  Steph #47299

                          Hey πŸ™‚

                          I’m in the exact same situation as you Lynn. My friends have settled down (Early 20’s!), too busy with their other halves to bother meeting up with me etc.

                          Little about me: 24 years of age. Born and raised in Dublin. Pretty much love to do anything interest/hobby wise. My favourites – Going cinema, bowling, cycling, photography, comedy gigs, music gigs/concerts, attempting to get myself to join a gym but don’t particularly want to go alone, going for walks….

                          If any of you would like to message me feel free to do so πŸ™‚ My email is http://scr.im/3a9z

                          Hope to talk to you soon πŸ™‚ x

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