Looking for female friends in Dublin

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  •  VeronicaB #53451

      Hi There! I’m Veronica I’m living in Ringsend, Dublin 4 for the past 8 months. I’m 31 yo and originally from Rome,Italy. I moved here to follow my heart. I’m looking for a job, but at the moment I’m totally free with a lot of free time, if you are in the same boat and you’d like spend time together around Dublin, text me please ^_^

    •  clarerogers18 #53457

        Hi veronica thanks for getting back to me but im actually looking for friends living in kildare as thats where im living and working ☺

      •  beee #53462

          Hi Veronica,

          I am in the same boat as yourself, looking to meet new people.
          Here’s my email [email protected]…..i’m female btw

          Hope to hear from you! 🙂

        •  stellar14 #53471

            Hi Veronica, Im same age living in central dublin looking to meet up with new people! Also i wanna improve my italian, as my niece is half italian! 🙂 Give me a shout! [email protected]

          •  san84 #53486


              I am a friendly black French female, 32 years old, I will soon be moving to Dublin for work and will live and work in the west part of Dublin. I had the opportunity to visit this city twice and I really enjoyed it.

              I would love to meet people from all backgrounds and discover this beautiful city a little more. I am a simple person, sometimes shy. My hobbies are: visiting museums, going restaurants, going to the cinema, spa weekend, listening to music (anything but hard rock, metal, trance and techno), love watching documentaries …

              I am quite chatty and have lived in some countries abroad. I would ideally like to meet people aged 25 and over.

              Thanks and see you soon I hope


            •  Kathleen2017 #53603

                Hi veronica,

                I’m looking to make new from too. I am around the same age. Snapchat cutie 1304

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