Looking for Female Friends in their 30s in Galway, Roscommon, Mayo, Athlone..

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  •  Ammie #53648

      Looking for Female Friends in their Thirties in Galway, Roscommon, Mayo, or Athlone….

      Would like to meet new Female Friends in the West, for Cinema, Lunch, Drinking, Dancing, Dinner, Roadtrips etc. …

      Get in touch. Would love to hear from you….

      How about for a start, – a Meetup and Walkabout at the Christmas Market and few drinks after…. Anyone up for it? 🙂

    •  eiree #53973

        Hi Ammie,

        It might be a bit early in the year for Christmas Markets, but are you around Roscommon much?


        •  Trix82 #54004

            Looking to meet new friends in the West.
            Please let me know if you like to meet up for a coffee and a chat😊

            •  Clairsey #54024

                Hey… recently moved to mayo… Where abouts are you … claire

                •  Trix82 #54033

                    Hey Clairsey I’m around Castlebar so not too far if you would like to meet up for a coffee!😊

                •  eiree #54025

                    Hi Trix and Claire,

                    Where are you based?


                    •  Clairsey #54026

                        I’m in westport how about you

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                      •  eiree #54028

                          I am in Roscommon Town, probably a bit far away!!

                        •  M.K12345 #54053

                            Hi I’m looking looking to meet female friends preferably people who are down to earth and easy going around the Athlone area to meet up on weekends for a chat, cinema and nights out. ☺🍸🍸

                          •  Mell #54152

                              Hi I’m in Westport
                              [email protected]

                        •  Ammie #54055

                            Hi Ladies!

                            Keep forgetting to check out this Site and it’s not very User-friendly to log back into again!

                            Eiree, I am very near Roscommon yes, if you would like to meet up for Lunch or something one of the days that would be cool! 🙂 I absolutely love the Abbey Hotel! Perhaps there could be an idea?! Or where-ever is handy, gimme a shout..

                            Mayo Ladies –
                            I am near some parts of Mayo, would love to join ye for Drinks sometime or Coffee / Food etc. if I’m not too far from ye…..?! I would be near enough to Castlebar if anyone is near there? Or Claremorris, or Ballindine, or Ballinrobe, or Knock….!

                            M.K – I would deffo be up for a Night Out in Athlone!

                            If anyone is at a loose end this Weekend and would like to meet up lemmekno!

                            •  eiree #54056

                                Hi Aimee,

                                I know what you mean, I get the emails and totally forget to log in, so I said I better this time!! The Abbey sounds good to me. I have never eaten there but I am open to new things. 🙂🙂 when are you free? I have no plans for this weekend yet! Was away last weekend and next weekend so I kept this one free! 🙈

                                Hi MK,

                                I would be up for meeting up in Athlone for whatever. Let me know a day/time. We could do a night out this weekend if both yourself and Aimee are free?

                                •  Ammie #54058

                                    Oh brill we’ll see if MK gets back and perhaps we could do something this weekend! It’ll break up the weekend for us! : ) It’s nice to have plans and places to go and people to do things with! 😀

                            •  M.K12345 #54059

                                Ladies Aimee & Eire how about meeting up this Saturday night out in Athlone for a few drinks? Sean’s bar to meet first ? ☺🍷🍸🍷💃 would ye be up for going onto Karma nightclub at the end of the night ?

                                •  Ammie #54060

                                    Great stuff! Count me in! 🙂 Can we private-message on this or do you have an email address?! 🙂

                                    •  M.K12345 #54062

                                        Great Aimee 😊 I just realised it’s a bank holiday weekend what about going out Sunday night in Athlone ? If that suits? my email is [email protected].

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