Looking for female friends who love anything paranormal.

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  •  Hawkeye1 #54082

      I’m a woman in my 40’s, fairly new to Ireland, easy going, and I love going out for coffee/wine and talking about anything supernatural. I’m addicted to Netflix supernatural stuff and anything about hauntings on yt. I love astrology, tarot, all that fun stuff. I also love gardening, visiting old places and dogs. Hope to chat with you in the future 😀

    •  Dannie200 #54083

        Hi im.35 living in cork city,into paranormal and horrors where u from?

        •  Hawkeye1 #54084

            I’m in Wicklow, shame I dont live closer.

        •  Doris #54085

            Hi, I’m Doris 44 originally from Austria but living now in north Dublin, I’m into tarot, angels, astrology, healing anything spiritual. Would b nice to meet up. Cheers doris

            •  Doris #54086

                Sorry forgot to mention my email. Doris.stb at gmail.com 😊 I’m driving so could meet anywhere really.

            •  Znz #54095

                How are you? Nice meet u 😊

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