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  •  Emma #46439

      I’ve been living in Dublin for a few years but my friends have all moved home after college in the past year. My boyfriend lives in Dublin so it’s been a distraction but I’d really like to meet some new people to hang out with outside of that relationship! I’m 23, love shopping, going to bars, cinema, art galleries, fro-yo and friendly people 🙂

    •  Tanya #46442

        Hi Emma
        Nail me if u want too chat 🙂

      •  Desiree #46451

          Hey Emma,

          I’m 20 and just moved to Dublin. Same story here, my boyfriend is Irish and I hang out with his friends pretty often, but I’d like to make some more of my own 🙂

          •  Antonella #46454

              Hi there! My name is Antonella, I’m from Italy, I’m an au pair and I live in the contryside. During the weekend, when I’m free, I like to come to Dublin or other places! 😀 On 15th August I will go to visit the Cliffs of Moher, are you interested in?
              We could keep in touch on skype or Mail me if you want: http://scr.im/36ua
              Let me know:) byeee …

          •  delia #46480

              Hello girls,

              I just moved to Dublin. I am looking for some friends. I am 21 years old and I am a student here.
              email me at http://scr.im/37yk or find me on facebook Delia Poparad


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