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  •  sinead #42077

      Looking for female friends 24-30 for hanging out, going to the movie’s, shopping and going out. Im a newly single female 26 so looking for genuine friends
      Get back to me.

    •  Kaspars #42080

        Hi Sinead !!! How are you?
        I can’t read your private reply 🙁
        Or I don’t know how to hehe
        Cheers 🙂

        •  sinead #42093

            Sorry kaspars I only joined yesterday. I have no idea how to read a private msg!!

        •  Kaspars #42094

            Hi Sinead !!! How are you today?
            Did you had a nice day?
            That’s cool I don’t know either hehe
            Here is my email if you wanna write me…
            Chat soon

            •  sinead #42095

                Hey, yeah I had a good day thanks and yourself? I read in your post your new to Galway. Where are you originally from?

            •  Kaspars #42096

                Hi !!! My day was good thx
                I am originally from Latvia!!! But before I moved to Galway I lived in Cork!!!
                What about yourself?
                Any plans for tomorrow?

                •  sinead #42099

                    Cool.. how long have you living in ireland? What made you move to galway?!

                •  Kaspars #42100

                    I live in Ireland for 10 years now.
                    Just wanted a new change so decided to move to Galway 🙂

                  •  Ėadaoin #42207

                      Hey sinead, I’m looking for new friends to go out with, shop, cinema and just have some Craic. Im 27, most of my other friends are getting married or having babies so need some single friends !

                    •  Angie #42422

                        hi,,,looking to meet new friends in Galway too

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