Looking for friends galway

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  •  sky7 #54813

      Hi I’ve just moved to galway I’m a 26 year old girl, looking for friends as I’m finding it a bit hard to meet people 🙂

    •  Pk96 #54815

        I’ve recently moved to Galway too and looking to meet some people (I’m 25 btw), let’s get in-touch if you’re up for it!

        •  Cciaran #54835

            I’m in Galway city.
            Meet for coffee anytime

        •  Ammie #54818

            Hey there, am also in Galway… Would love to get in touch.

          •  Anonymous #54844

              Im new to Galway too
              Im also a 26 year old girl. I am looking for new friends

            •  Anonymous #54845

                Im new to Galway and Ireland. Im a 26 years old from Greece
                I would love to make new friends.

              •  hello1988 #54853

                  Hello guys! I am 33 yo gal, moved to Galway in the lockdown, working remotely so looking to meet some people to hang out :), let me know if up for something!

                  •  Ammie #54856


                      If anyone would like to meet up sometime for Lunch or go for a drink let’s arrange something..🙂

                  •  saraalmeida7 #54867

                      Hiiii, working girl in her 20s, would love to meet some new people 🙂

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