Looking for friends (girls) in Dublin

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  •  Eléonore #50000


      I’m Eleonore, I’m French, and I live in Dublin since March 2015. I came with my fiancé because he found a job here, but as I’m not working, it’s really difficult to meet new people.

      I love nail-art, video games, books, cinema and shopping. I don’t like coffee, but I’m a tea lover !

      I’m a little shy because sometimes I just can’t find my words in english, but I’m friendly and I really want to meet new people. I’m 24, so if some girls here in their 20’s-30’s are looking for a friend in Dublin, send me a message !

    •  VeronicaB #50092

        Hi Eleonore, I had already tried to write you six days ago, but I had some problems. Hello! I’m Veronica, I’m 30 years old, a few years older than you but I’m in the same boat :-). I moved here 10 days ago from Rome, because my boyfriend got a job here. I still do not work, so I’ve so much free time, I’d like to see you for lunch, shopping or anything. If you like please contact me

      •  Ciara88 #50110

          Hi Eleonore. I’m Ciara. I’m 28 and have a one year little boy so looking to make some new friends. I’m living in South Dublin. Where are you based?

          •  kristyna #50168

              Hello,my bf was relocated to Dublin because of his job,and Im trying to find one as well,but still having lots of free time,if ur up to meeting up,text me:)

          •  Ms876 #50165

              Hey Ciara, I’m also 28, living in tbe South (Blessington).
              I’m mom to a little lady; year and a half.

            •  kristyna #50166

                HELLO, my name is Kristyna and I arrived to Dublin few days ago..I live close to dublins castle..I would like to meet you. :)Let me know..Kris

              •  tan #50174

                  Hey I am Tanja and new in Dublin as well. I am German (29)and I also followed my boyfriend here.
                  I have a job here but I would like to meet new people to hang around with. I live in Smithfield! Where are you guys based?

                  •  kristyna #50175

                      Please girls text me on FB..kristyna babulikova and we can meet up

                      •  kristyna #50176

                          Hello smithfield is not that far from me..text me on fb…Kristyna Babulikova,:)thanks

                    •  Eve #50208

                        Hello guys, my name is Eve, i am 32. I would like to expand and meet new friends, live in tallaght

                      •  Ciara88 #50209

                          Hi Eve. I’m living in Knocklyon, not far from you

                        •  CrazyCatLady #50631

                            Hey Eve and Ciara! I’m in Tallaght too, 31 and in need for friends. 🙂

                            •  Ciara88 #50633

                                Hi CrazyCatLady. If you want to add me on FB. My name is Ciara Heron Maher 😊

                            •  CrazyCatLady #50644

                                I added you. 🙂

                              •  VeronicaB #50007

                                  Hi Eleonore!

                                  I’m Veronica, I’m 30, older than you but I find myself in the same situation.
                                  I moved from Rome to Dublin four days ago, because my boyfriend got a job here. I’d love to meet you for coffee, tea, shopping, whatever. So we can also exercise a little bit our english 🙂
                                  If you are free, we can meet also now! let me know (my email is: http://scr.im/3hcj)


                                •  Kaitlin #50017

                                    Hi Eleonore,

                                    My name is Kaitlin and I just moved right outside Dublin about a week ago. I’m looking to meet people who have free time on the weekends. I’m 21 and am working as an au pair for a French family believe it or not! I don’t speak French yet, but I’m sure I will be able to soon. Here is my email if you would like to meet up- http://scr.im/3hfa

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