Looking for friends in Co Mayo. (Claremorris)

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  •  Mono #46448

      I’ve recently moved back to Claremorris and I’ve realised that I only know few people around.
      I’m a 22 year old girl.
      I’m looking for some people to hang with šŸ™‚ go for lunch, shopping and just simply enjoy my time šŸ™‚
      Friends make life so much more fun and atm Claremorris is extremely boring. :/

    •  Loanne #46449

        Hi mono, I’ve recently moved myself to westport, looking to widen my circle of friends, Im same as like shopping, chatting, going out to the pub, I want to join yoga,
        Hopefully we get a few people going

        •  Sabrina #47016

            Hi Mono/Loanne, Iam also looking to make new friends.

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