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  •  Geraldo7 #2306

      Hi my name is Liam, I’m 25 and I’ve just moved to Cork city from Aberdeen in Scotland.

      Doing a PhD at UCC although I will spend nearly all my time at Moorepark research centre (near Fermoy), and most of people there live out that way and so not been able to socialise and become friends with them that well.

      I would like to meet people (male or female) in the city to go on nights out with, watch and play sport, have a laugh with in the pub, go to cinema and live comedy, and many other things.

      If interested just post reply or send email to [email protected]

      All the best


    •  Anonymous #12804

        hi liam, i’m Melanie, i’m from belgium and i’m almost 20, i’m working as an au-pair in Cork and i’d like to make new friends, [email protected] here is my email address you can send en email if you want to have a drink someday.

      •  Anonymous #12805

          Hi girls!

          My name is NΓΊria and I’m also working as an au pair. I’m living in Clonmel, that it’s just an hour from Cork… I know it’s very difficult to meet other au pairs in the same town, so if you would like me to join you I could come here for having a drink, going to cinema, etc.

          If you are interested you can write me on [email protected]!

          Thanks and see you soon! πŸ™‚

        •  imported_shookespoiP #12818

            Hey there,

            Ive just moved to cork and actually dont know anyone! If you are interested to go to the cinema or have a beer one evening just let me know!

            My e-mail is [email protected]

            Best wishes


          •  imported_Nicki9C #12819


              I’m Yesenia, I’ve just move to Clonmel on the 6th of february and i haven’t meet anybody so please get in touch with me if you want a new friend πŸ˜€

            •  LittleLionTamer #12817

                This is jahid. i am living in cork last 3 years.i am a student . living in city .i am interested….my email :[email protected]

              •  Anonymous #12806

                  Heya Liam,

                  Ive just turned 27 (EEEK) and have been living and working as a nanny in cork (ballincollig) since july 09. Im from australia and am having major withdrawles from the pub and socializing in general. My boss is scottish and i actually went to scotland for first time over christmas.. great place! Get in touch at: [email protected] or on facebook. Cheers

                •  Anonymous #12808

                    Hi everyone.
                    I’m Andris, I am Latvian/Russian, have just moved to bishopstown, absolutely no friends or relations in cork. In Ireland for five years, but Sligo. Just out of Sligo IT, doing some computer related catch-ups in FAS, Bishopstown. Would love to hang out or even write to someone.
                    Anyhow, drop me a line if anyone feels like It – [email protected]

                  •  GertieCas #12820

                      Hi everyone. My name is Agnese. I am from Latvia and 22. June I`m going to Ireland, Cork (Belgooly) to work as an au pair. Would love to meet new friends. My e-mail [email protected]

                    •  quavanGurne #12821

                        Hi. My name is Manny and I am from England. I am going to be moving to Cork City in August 2010 and I am looking for friends/group that I can get together with to explore Cork and the region and for nights out for a drink and a chat or watch a movie etc.
                        If anyone is interested, you can email me at [email protected]

                      •  Anonymous #12809

                          Hi there,

                          I have a canadian au pair coming to stay with our family in Cork and I would love to get her into a social scene here as it makes it so much more enjoyable, we are based in Douglas, does anyone know where au pairs hang out?

                        •  Anonymous #12810

                            I’m Monika from Poland. I am au pair in Passage West, co Cork.
                            My e-mail adress is: [email protected]

                          •  Anonymous #12811

                              Hi all,

                              I’m Ed, 29 years old Irish male, was working in Archaeology till recession robbed me! would like to meet others for coffee and maybe walks or cycles around the city and to go visit places, like going to the parks here love talking to anyone bout almost anything, I speak reasonable French and have beginner Spanish, Be nice to hear from all people male and female.



                            •  Anonymous #12812

                                woops, Forgot to give my email [email protected]

                              •  Anonymous #12813

                                  Hi all.im dave.im living in cork now and would also like to meet new friends.im 26 and like to go for a few drinks and to the cinema!im looking to extend my circle of friends and would be more than happy to show any newcomers around the city.e-mail me [email protected]

                                •  Wepplotte #12822

                                    Hi dave i moved down to cork a year ago from dublin dont know anyone down here and would love to meet new people. Im 28 years old and i live with my partner in midleton i drive and love going in to the city centre. Drop me a mail if you like or anyone else can too if there reading this. πŸ™‚

                                  •  Wepplotte #12823

                                      I forgot my email address its [email protected]

                                    •  Wepplotte #12824

                                        Hi Liam my name is sarah im 28 years old and i moved to cork a year ago from dublin im living with my partner and i dont know anyone down here and i would love to meet new people. my email is [email protected] if your still looking to meet up.


                                      •  Anonymous #12814

                                          Hi all,

                                          It is very nice that many people are replying to this forum. I am also new to Cork just moved on 8th Jan 11 from Reading, UK. Originally from Istanbul…

                                          I don’t know anyone here. I came here for a permanent job and looking to meet people to make new friends, go out etc. I am 28 if it makes any difference. πŸ˜›

                                          You can contact me on [email protected] and search it on facebook.

                                          Hope to meet you guys.

                                          Take care.


                                        •  Anonymous #12815

                                            hi everyone my name is lisa im 23 years old and living in cork city. i would like to make new friends, preferably female but i suppose beggars cant be choosers! if anyone would like to chat please leave me a message. im a normal friendly girl who needs a bit of company in her life. thank you.

                                          •  junejdpfgzpkyv #12825

                                              Hi Lisa, I am 24 and living in Cork. Leave me a message and maybe we could go for a coffee or something:)

                                            •  Anonymous #12816

                                                Hi. Am a 28yr old guy in cork. Have just moved here recently and don’t know anyone around
                                                Would be really interested in meetin new people. Let me know if we can meet for a coffee/movie, anything

                                                [email protected]

                                              •  humbertowindey #12826

                                                  hi everyone for some reason im not allowed to post my email until i have 5 posts so i will try and get my 5 posts up and then share it πŸ™‚

                                                •  humbertowindey #12827

                                                    hey everyone my email address is [email protected] if anyone would like to email me, maybe if ye have a facebook ye can send me the link to your page and we can chat there? thanks

                                                  •  cassandra02s42 #12828


                                                      I’m Viviane, 18 and I live in Ballinhassig. I don’t know many people so I’d be very happy if you send me a message here or on facebook (Juana Viviane Pourgiazos). πŸ™‚

                                                    •  ebosam73782991 #12829

                                                        Hi, my name is Grant and i m living in Carrigaline (15 minutes from cork)…add me on facebook ( Grant Baqaj) we can go out for a drink sometimes πŸ˜‰

                                                        let me know

                                                        all the best!!

                                                      •  Anonymous #12807

                                                          Hi guys!

                                                          My name is Anna and i moved from Dublin down to Cork in march.
                                                          After my closest friends at work moved i would like to find new people to hang out with.
                                                          Go for a beer or just hang out in the park. I mean, just do whatever. Just to have some company! πŸ™‚
                                                          So please drop me a email if you feel like meeting up!

                                                          I’m 24 and swedish by the way.


                                                          [email protected]

                                                        •  Anonymous #12803


                                                            I know most of these posts are over a year old now, but I thought I might as well post something, there’s nothing to lose! I’m moving to Mitchelstown in January to be an Au Pair, it’d be good to get to know some people who live close-ish!

                                                            You can email me on [email protected]


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