Looking for friends in Cork city

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  •  Mary #47610

      Hi, I’m Mary and I recently moved to Cork city, I’m finding hard meet people here, I would like make some friends to go out for a tea or a beer, dancing, shopping or whatever other options. I am 26 years old so I rather people around my age.
      Thanks 😊

    •  Yoncar #47618

        Hi Mary! My name is Yon, I’m from Spain. Next year on February i will be moving to Cork, i will be there for three months because im doing an internship on a IT company from there. I can invite you to as many beers or cups of tea as you please but you got to inform me in exchange about the City, which is the cheapest place to do the shopping, where to eat… that kind of stuff lol. I wish you enjoy your stay.

        Have fun πŸ˜‰

      •  Lisa #47655

          Hi Mary! I’m Lisa I’m 26 and live just a little outside the city!! I’m in Cork over a year and looking to expand my circle! Do you have a way I can contact you? Thanks, Lisa 😁

        •  lainel #48247

            Hi Mary!!! my name is Lainel, i am in the same situation as you. I would like to find friends as well for shoopping . go for a tea and cinemas…get onto me if you still interesed.

          •  tracy89 #48355

              Hi Mary and everyone πŸ™‚
              IMy name.is Tracy I’m 26 and living in Cork a year. I’m like yourselveslooking to meet new people. I would love to meet you girls and you seem similar to myself. Message me and we should arrange meeting up πŸ™‚

              Thanks girls

              •  Lainel #48369

                  Hi Tracy! When we can meet? I live in city centre, near to barrack street. Pm me and let’s meet .

                  •  Dannie200 #53454

                      I’m from tower street message me on 0877852726 Danielle

                •  Dannie100 #52931

                    Hi im.33 living in city,give me a message if u want to organize night out?0852485165

                  •  jessica02 #53455

                      Greetings my dear, I’m jessica U meir, A serving American soldier, I am very friendly and easy going lady with good mood. My heart is open to new exciting experience with making new friends. I am looking for an intelligent and brave person who will share good business and work ideas with me. I came across your profile, I personally found interesting and charming, I think we can know each other and have better communication. I hope that my profession will not scare nor be an obstacle to the establishment of a good friendship with you. However, I have something special I want to discuss with you, contact me via my private e-mail address (jessicameir99@gmail .c o m) for more introduction. Have a beautiful and charming day, I wait for your mail. Best regards, Gen, jessica U meir.

                    •  Dannie200 #53717

                        Hi Mary I’m living in city center if u wanna meet up for a coffee our a night out.my number 0877852726

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