looking for friends in Dublin:)

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  •  Carlo #44233

      Hi there,
      my name is Carlo and I’m 22 years old. I recently arrived in Dublin looking for a job. I’m a sociable person.
      I really like playing soccer, going to the cinema, listening to music. I love the animals and the nature.
      I’m looking for friends both male and female to socialize to take a coffee or a beer and to spend good times.:):):)

    •  Marianne #44313

        Hey! Don’t know if you’ll see my answer but I’m new in Dublin and I’m looking for friend too. I’m 18 and come from France 😉

        •  Roopesh #44391

            Hi Marianne , i am in Dublin for long now .. i am looking for a language exchange friend .. my english is excellent .. i need to learn french .. if you want we can meet up .. txt me if ou want to ,, we can also meet in a group

        •  Ciara #44315

            Hi girls,
            Not sure if youll reply but Im 19 and living in ashbourne but working as a care assistant in Dublin. I work 3-4 nights a week so its hard to make friends. I recently broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years so am feeling very isolated and lonely. Would love yo meet new people and make friends. 🙂

          •  Marianne #44319

              Hi Ciara! I’m free on tuesday, thursday and the week end, would be great to meet!

            •  Sandra #44321

                Hey! I would love to meet some new people, I’ve been in Dublin for four months but the friends i had recently went back home to their countries so i don’t have any friends at the moment 🙁 tell me if you’re interested!

              •  grace cobnolly #44365

                  Hi all meet up starting women’s group Dublin city social ring meet up every week .is interested let grace know

                  •  josie #44398

                      Hi I’m new in Dublin and would really like to meet some people and make some friends! Let me know if anyone’s free for a coffee or a pint or wants to meet up. Grace your meet up group sounds good!

                  •  Roopesh #44392

                      hi Carlo .. we can be friends .. i am long here now and looking for forign language friends ..

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