Looking for friends in Dublin.

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  •  Kristi #49592

      My name is Kristi i’m 25 and staying in Dublin for a while. I am looking for friends to hang out with. If you want to have a coffee, go to a pub or just hang out just write me a letter.

    •  Montse #49593

        Hello Kristi, i’m Montse from spain and i am looking for meet people in dublin, i just arrive here yesterday and my english is very bad yet but I’m a friendly person and i would like meet with you πŸ™‚ if you wants

      •  Iris #49597

          Hi guys ! I’m Iris, 22, French , I’m in Dublin for July. I’m looking for some friends to hang out with in pubs etc.. πŸ™‚ Would be nice to meet you ! how old are you ?

          •  Gabriel #49622

              hey! i’ll go to dublin in July too, if you want, we can talk y look around there together. Now im in Madrid but im from Chile

              my number is +34 697741065 if you want send my a messege.

              •  Kristi #49631

                  And Hi Gabriel,
                  when will you be arriving in Dublin it would be nice to look around together and have a talk.

              •  baljittony #49893

                  Hi, I am tony from India. I am living in Ireland from last 3 years. If you want i can join you for drinks or coffee.my facebook id is http://scr.im/3h6b.


              •  Mallory #49600

                  Hiya, i m a french au pair, 20 years old, near Dublin and i m looking for new people to meet, so if you want to visit, have a coffee, anything, feel free to send me a mail (http://scr.im/3gf4)

                •  Sonia #49611

                    Hi, I am Sonia. I live in Dublin and I am looking for some friends as well so if someone want a coffee or something just let me know.

                    •  Namm #49753

                        Hey Sonia,
                        I’m Naveen, looking for friends in Dublin area, moved 3 months back. If you interesting in meeting for coffee or drinks then email me on http://scr.im/3gux

                    •  Oriol #49615

                        Hi, I’m Oriol, 21, Spanish, and I will stay in Dublin for a while since 31st July. I am also looking for friends to have a coffee, go to pubs and visit. If you are interested you can also write me.

                      •  Iris #49616

                          Hi Mallory, Sonia, Oriol ! that sounds great ! it would be fun to have a little “gang of friends” to hang out with πŸ™‚ do you have facebook guys?

                        •  Mara #49618

                            Hi girls,
                            I’m a 24 year old Spanish girl and Im looking for new friends in Dublin, preferably people that are based here long-term. If any of you wants to meet up for a coffee or a drink email me: http://scr.im/3gg4


                          •  Eren #49625

                              hey , im eren send dm to me on insta my nick is @strangerindublin
                              i love travel and learn new cultures and COFFEEE

                            •  Kristi #49630

                                Iris if you are still up for it, i woud be happy to hang out with you someday. It would be nice to make some friends here. πŸ™‚

                              •  Oriol #49636

                                  Hi Iris, it sounds good! I have. Contact me in http://scr.im/3gh2

                                •  Iris #49637

                                    Ok I’ll add you !

                                    Kristi, no problem ! do you have fb ? here is mine: Iris Marhoum

                                    •  Kristi #49641

                                        Hi Iris my name is Kristi Laurits, i added you on facebook. πŸ™‚

                                        •  Del #49930

                                            Del here. Moving to Dublin in a couple of days and looking to make new friends. I’m 23 and love hanging out or have a few drinks. We can talk by email http://scr.im/3h91

                                      •  Danny #49638

                                          Hi! I’m Danny. I’m Dublin based. Looking to meet-up with fun folks. I’m contactable at http://scr.im/3gh4

                                        •  Erica #49652

                                            Hello guys πŸ™‚
                                            I am 20 and I’ll be in Dublin until the first days of September.
                                            I have just arrived here so I don’t know anybody and I am looking for somebody to hang put with.
                                            Drop me an email πŸ™‚

                                            •  baljittony #49894

                                                My name is tony. i am from india. I am living in Ireland from last 3 years. if you want I can join you for drinks or coffee. My facebook id is http://scr.im/3h6b

                                            •  Francesco #49790

                                                Hello kristi, I’m Francesco I’m italian and I will come to dublin since august 2th, I’d like to meet new friends, if you are available feel free to contact me to my mail http://scr.im/3gyl
                                                thanks Francesco.

                                              •  Katie Louise #49896

                                                  Hi I’m Katie looking to meet people with similar interests you can contact me on http://scr.im/3h6a

                                                •  Katie Louise #49902

                                                    Hi if anyone would like to chat please mail me.


                                                  •  Del #49931

                                                      Del here. I’m 23 moving to Dublin soon. I enjoy hanging out with a couple drinks or watching a movie. Let talk via email http://scr.im/3h91

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