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  •  Laylipops #44539

      Hi! I’m looking to make friends in Dublin Area. I am French and currently work and live in Swords for now 2 years. I have been living here with my boyfriend who really supports me in this situation. I really do like Ireland, but I feel alone. I also feel like I’m missing on my “youth” as it has been now 2 years that I have no friends an thus, don’t go out… I have tried though, but I’m shy and probably don’t make a good impression at first. I also tried to be friends with my boyfriend’s friends but they are a circle of friends that know each other for years and kinda don’t like outsiders to come around. Not sure why… Anyway, if anyone would like to meet up for a drink, cinema or other, just let me know! Swords is quite a nice place to go out and I would love to know more about it + I have looooots of free time. 🙂

    •  Trish #44545

        Hi there:) my name’s Trish and I live in the swords also- just moved here about 6 months ago. I’m a 28 y/o female working in the city centre. Love girly nights out, chats and a cuppa, shopping etc. If you’d like to get in contact my email is http://scr.im/31y2

      •  Julia #44569

          Hi there , im in the exact situation ive been here for a little while with my boyfriend and i am all alone despite living with his friend. Im 20 so i have also felt like i am missing out on my youth, im shy azwell as my boyfriend made me look at this site to help me. Anyway i live only a short bus from swords so message back if you want to go shopping or grab a drink ☺

        •  Julia #44571

            Sorry forgot to add my email


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