looking for friends in their 30\'s

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  •  me #49315

      Hi everybody

      I’m in my 30’s and looking for new people to socialize with, as almost all my friends are gone or have partner or kids. I like anything and everything.. so up for anything but in good company 🙂

      If u are in my same situation, just say Hi!!! 🙂

      Talk to u soon guys 🙂

    •  Jay #49322

        Good Morning me,

        http://scr.im/2y14 feel free to reply if you like a chat and possibly meet up.

      •  Beatriz #49348


          Same boat, I am 31, spanish in a relationship looking for a group of new friends. I will be checking the chat regulary, does anybody want to meet this weekend for a drink?

        •  me #49354

            Hola Beatriz

            I’m spanish too.. jajaja…. send me an email if u want to meet 🙂

            Looking forward to heard from you 🙂 🙂

          •  G #49361


              Same here: female, in my 30’s, living in dublin and looking for some new friends to meet for coffee, walks, cinema and friendly chats. Looking forward to hearing from you.

              My mail: http://scr.im/322z


            •  John #49659

                Hey, pretty much the same as above responses, 30yr old, looking for distractions from the monotony that is life, maybe mail me if you fancy doing something to break the humdrum of existence 🙂

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