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  •  Michelle #44140

      Hi there,

      I’m an easy going, open minded 31yr female, who recently split from a 13yr relationship and find myself totally alone and having to start life all over again.

      I’d love to meet some new friends to have some fun with….love cozy nights in, mad nights out, dinner (love chinese), lunch, coffee (have to have my fix), walking with my dog…anywhere and everywhere (my baby Alfie), watching trash on tv, my cats (LB and Ozzy) etc etc.

      If you too find yourself alone like me and looking for friends, give me a shout.

      Would love to meet up 🙂

    •  Diana #44141

        Hi Michelle,

        you sound fun 🙂
        I’m Diana, 33, originally from Germany (but no stereotypical German, don’t worry.. :P), and only just moved to Dublin!

        I’m usually in a good mood, always up for a laugh and meeting new people/seeing new places. I like all things creative and unconventional, and also have a contemplative streak.

        I enjoy chatting over a coffee, eating out, roaming around shops, wild nights out etc. Love animals, nature, outdoors.. I’d also like to learn Portuguese (Dublin seems to be just the right place for that..), find a place to go horse riding and attend a ‘Krav Maga’ class (so if you’re interested in any of those, you are very welcome to join me :))

        Anyway, if you’d like to meet up for a coffee (I need my fix too, haha!), give me a shout, my e-mail is http://scr.im/300r.

        Diana 🙂

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