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  •  lucym #21443

      Hi there, looking for girls to hangout with in dublin , love pubs and club’s, shopping, going the cinema, catching up over a coffee so give us a shout if ur up for chatting

    •  Jane #41599

        Hi Lucy

        I just seen your ad and I see you sent it a while back so not sure if your still looking to meet new people. I am looking to meet new friends, as some of my friends are settled down so I dont see them so much and my single friends dont seem to want to do anything anymore, they venture out for a night out about once or twice a year and spend the rest of their weekends sitting in on their own. Even getting them to meet up for a lunch is a hard task and to be honest I’m fed up trying to get them to do stuff and I feel like I am missing out on life. I enjoy nights out, a few drinks, cinema, going places etc so if your interested be great to hear back from you.

        •  fiona #41676

            Hiya Jane im looking to.meet new friends to hang out and go to pubs coz im missing out on life sitting in getting kind of bored wit it if ur still looking to meet a new friend to hang out heres me email incase u decide to http://scr.im/2xfh

          •  Fionnuala #41815

              Hi Jane

              I’m 29 and from Dublin. At this stage, it seems most of my friends are coupled up or have moved away! So I’m just looking to expand my social circle really. I enjoy going out at the weekend, cinema, shopping, meeting for coffee, drinks….regular stuff really!

              Anyway if you’d like to get in touch drop me an email 🙂


              •  Nadine #41818

                  Hey Fion what your email address

                •  Nadine #41819

                    Or otherwise my email is http://scr.im/2xec
                    Hope to hear from u soon

                  •  sarah #41842

                      Hi, what is your email?

                •  fiona #41678

                    Hiya Jane im looking to meet new friends to hang out and go ta pub as im always sitting in never get out love to go the pubs inal but no1 to go wit

                  •  barry #41738

                      Down to earth and up for anything .

                    •  barry #41739

                        My direct email is http://scr.im/2xfi

                      •  curry #41852

                          Hiya I’m in the same boat.. I’m female ,30, and need to meet new people as many of my pals have moved away .. feel like I’m missing out .. I’m easy going up for a laugh would love to hear from you… Thanks

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