Looking for girl friends in Galway

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  •  Shauna #42459

      Hi 🙂 My name is Shauna., I’m 24 ..looking to make some new girl friends. A lot of mine are moving away and/or getting engaged. I like going to the cinema, to see bands play and shopping for vintage stuff has become a new hobby. It would be nice to have a buddy 🙂

    •  Stephanie #42460

        Hi shauna! Im from galway but am moving to dublin in a few weeks for college! Wish you’d posted this during the summer! I am literally in the same boat as you! 🙁 sucks doesnt it! Are you from galway yourself? 🙂

        •  Shauna #42465

            Hi Stephanie 🙂 aw pity! But sure we can always meet up a bit before ya go 🙂 That way you’ll have someone to give a buzz to when you’re home :)Yeah i’m from Galway city 🙂

        •  Julie #42463

            Hi Shauna,

            I am Julie, and I am living in Galway since April. My “job” is au-pair, and I m from Hungary, at the moment I haven’t got any friends here, cause they moved in other country. If you think, you add me friend on facebook, and we can talk togather…
            my facebook account is Juli Elek (live in Szekesfehérvár)

          •  Angie #42490

              Hi Shauna,

              I’m almost in the same situation as you, so it would be nice to have a buddy too haha…. This is my email http://scr.im/2yp0 will be nice have someone to have a coffe or beer hahaha…

            •  katy #42500

              •  Sarah K #42501

                  Hi Shauna, my name is Sarah and I am living and studying in Galway. I do not have a huge group of friends in the city and would to meet some new people to hang out with!

                  •  Sarah K #42502

                      Sorry I am new to this and totally forgot to say that I am 26 and living near the city center.

                  •  Angie #42503

                      Hi Sarah
                      Im living 15 min from the city centre so …This is my email… http://scr.im/2yp0… if u wanna send yours, we could do something… anyway talk to me on my email… Im in the same situation try to expend my circle of friends 🙂

                    •  Fiona #42506

                        Pretty much in the same boat as all of you above. I’ll soon be turning 30 so maybe I’m too old to hang out with 🙁 just looking for new friends to chat with, go for coffee, maybe drinks at the weekend, usual stuff.

                        •  Shauna #42527

                            Hi Fiona 🙂 don’t be silly what does age matter between friends?

                          •  Ashrithaa #42576

                              Hi Girls (fiona, angie, sarah)

                              I’m Ashrithaa, 26, from Singapore. Currently in dublin, living 20 min off the city centre.
                              I’m here to do my postgraduate studies in Trinity and have absolutely no friends as of yet.
                              Been exploring the region on my own and would love to make more like minded mature friends, to go for coffee or some good old food!
                              Would be nice to meet you girls all from different regions. Well I enjoy cafe hopping, an occasional drink, movies, shopping, cooking and going for road trips or hikes. E-mail me at http://scr.im/2yy2!

                              Looking forward to hear from you girls!

                            •  Aideen #43905

                                Hey girls, i am in the same boat, Im 28 and looking to extend my circle and live near the city center. I like all the usual things and would be great to meet some new friends for coffee, drinks and a few laughs.

                            •  Angie #42508

                                Hi fiona
                                …text me in my email… 🙂

                              •  Shauna #42524

                                  Hi Sarah 😉 sorry for late reply I was away for the weekend., what are you studying in college?

                                •  Shauna #42536

                                    Feel free to add my on Facebook Shauna Kate Nic Gabhann

                                  •  Sophie #42562


                                      I’m Sophie and I’ve just moved here to Galway from Cork for work and no absolutely no one here in the city. So it’s a tad lonely! Living in Newcastle at the moment and am really eager to make some friends!
                                      You can find me on facebook under Sophie Cremen, feel free to add me!

                                      Look forward to hearing from you!

                                    •  Mariana #42587

                                        Hi Shauna/Girls,

                                        My name Is Mariana, I moved to Co. Galway last month due to my husband being transferred win work. We live in the countryside, 40 min from Galway and I’m starting to feel really alone; please reply if you feel like in need of a good friend 😉
                                        I don’t have Facebook but you can contact me by email or wathsapp. Xxx

                                        •  Níamh #44035

                                            What are ye girls into doing?

                                        •  Lyn #43989

                                            Fiona/Sarah/Shauna- I’d love to join in if ye are planning to meet up – my email is http://scr.im/2zjg. I’m 28 and living in the city centre too 🙂

                                          •  Lyn #43990

                                              Oops didn’t see page two- everyone else as well! 🙂

                                            •  Níamh #44030

                                                Hi Shauna, I have much the same interests as you and I would definitely like to get to know you. Please drop me an message

                                              •  Laura #44034

                                                  Hi guys, I’m in the same boat! I’m 28 and moved to Galway for work…
                                                  my email is http://scr.im/2zse

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