Looking for girl pals in the Greystones/Wicklow area

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  •  kittynieve #52213

      I’m Ramona, 28 years old and I recently moved from Germany to Greystones to be with my Irish boyfriend. Apart from his guy friends I don’t really know anyone here and I would love to meet some girl pals around the same age to hang out and do things with. I just started going to the gym here as well so a gym-buddy would be awesome too!

      My interests are movies/shows/cinema, outdoors-stuff like hiking or going for walks, books, games, food, travel or just going for a chill night out with music and drinks.

      Since I don’t have a car (yet) the area I’m looking in would be Greystones, Bray, Dun Laoghaire etc. anything that’s easy to reach by bus or dart so we can get together 🙂 Give me a shout if you’re interested.

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