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  •  Níamh #43910

      Hi 🙂 My name is Níamh, I’m 25 and am interested in making new girlfriends in the Galway city area. I was in college in GMIT for the past few year’s, as I was one of the older more mature one’s in my class, my circle of friends was not too big.
      I’m looking to make new friends to chat and have a laugh with, go for coffees with as well as drinks at the weekends, usual girly fun!
      I enjoy the cinema, coffees, theatre, gigs, shopping and fun get togethers with the girls and loads of laughter 😉

      Looking forward to hearing from you x

    •  Lyn #43988

        Hi Niamh- drop me an email 🙂 http://scr.im/2zjg

      •  Gracie #44085

          ohhh cofffeee ftw :c nothing beats a nice Arabia coffee

          •  Brenda #44099

              Should organise a meet up.

          •  Margaret #44123

              Hiya Niamh, You can email me if you like on http://scr.im/3002 if you like. I have a ad on this site also looking to make new pals aged 25-35. 🙂

            •  Laura #44161

                Hi all, I’m in the same boat. Moved to be with my fella and need of some girly friends of my own to have a chat and giggle with. Into the usual sorta thing; going for coffee, movies, music etc. You can drop me an email at http://scr.im/lil7

                Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂

              •  Rachel #44231

                  Hi guys,

                  I’m looking for some friends too! I moved to galway 6 months ago for college. Finding it difficult to click with people in my course and my old friends are skattered all around the country at this point! If your still looking for a new addition i would love to hear from ye 🙂

                  •  Brenda #44234

                      Rachel Hi

                      As a new addition too …. give me shout…


                      •  Rachel #44244

                          Hi Brenda,

                          Do you have an email or facebook I could connect with you on? I cant seem to private message you on this.

                    •  Alison #44253

                        Me too!!! I’m 28, living with my bf and working with all guys!! Miss my girly chats a lot, and not very easy to get home to see my friends so would love to make some new ones here in Galway!! 🙂

                        My email is http://scr.im/30qk


                      •  Caroline #44306

                          Hey I’m new here too and want to get too know people! let me know if people are up for doing something 🙂

                        •  Jana #44310

                            I’m new to town as well (literally moved a week ago), and 25! Looking to make new friends, drop me an email!

                          •  Brenda #44311

                              Hi Caroline and Jana

                              What are your email adds?

                              •  Caroline #44330

                                  Hey my email is http://scr.im/3140 ! Messag eme if you are up for meeting up 🙂

                              •  jaci #44325

                                  Hi all,

                                  Am not new to gal but most of my friends have had to leave the area for work. Would like to make some new friends.

                                •  Karen #44338

                                    Hi guys, I’d be interested in meeting up too! 🙂 My email is http://scr.im/30u4

                                  •  Lucy #44361


                                      I’m new enough to Galway as well, moved here for the man and work but would love to meet up with people for a chat don’t really know anyone here. I’m also 25 🙂

                                    •  Niamh #44687

                                        Hi girls, I am really sorry that I haven’t been on here in literally ages.
                                        But for those of you who haven’t provided email addresses, here is mine http://scr.im/32ls so please do drop me a message.

                                        PS I am Soooooo grateful for all the lovely replies x!

                                      •  Anne #45215

                                          Hey guys, my name is Ann, I might be a bit late but I just moved up to Galway 6 months and would love to make some new friends 🙂

                                        •  Katie #45219

                                            hello girls im 25 would love to meet up also hope im not late 🙂

                                          •  Niamh #45242

                                              Hi Anne, and to all the rest of ye gals… Please do email me to my above address and a lot of us can organize something… I really do know how awkward it is to meet new people! To get a few of us together would be absolutely Awesome!!!
                                              Looking forward to hearing from ye x

                                            •  Leah #45247

                                                Hey guys, I’ve been trying for so long to find a website like this to meet new people. I graduated from Gmit last November and a lot of my friends have moved away or else we’ve just drifted apart.
                                                I would be really up for getting together some time and just meeting new people!


                                              •  Niamh #45249

                                                  Message me Leah, http://scr.im/32ls 😊

                                                •  Leah #45250

                                                    Just messaged you there Niamh. Pretty sure I made a typo and called you niamg… :L

                                                  •  Larissa #45260

                                                      Hey guys,
                                                      I’m also new to Galway, I’m working as an au pair and it would be really nice to find some girlfriends to go to the cinema and stuff like that!!! Contact me: http://scr.im/35j0 if you like to! Look forward to meeting some of you!!

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