Looking for good genuine, down to earth female friends

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  •  Gemma #42292

      Hey there

      I am 28 years old, from Liverpool. Been living in Dublin for nearly two months now and looking to meet some new friends. I am living in a house with my boyfriend and two other boys and all they do is watch football and play xbox all day so i really need some girl time! Love shopping, cinema, going out for drinks, dancing, live music πŸ™‚ I’m relaxed, friendly, down to earth person looking friends to have a chat with and hang out.

    •  Ali #42293

        Hey Gemma

        How are you…i totally know what you mean about men and xboxes…total waste of time if you ask me…ha!
        I mightent be on this again so if you wana chat on email you can get me on http://scr.im/2y2c
        Chat soon x

      •  sarah #42297

          Hi Gemma, what’s your email? πŸ™‚

        •  Sabrina #42312

            Hi Gemma

            Similar situation with me and the Xbox lol. Would love to chat. My email is http://scr.im/2y3l πŸ™‚

            Sabrina x

          •  Sabrina #42314

              Sarah feel free to contact me to and maybe we could all arrange a coffee day soon πŸ™‚


            •  Caroline #42364

                Heya Gemma how are u and the xbox situation? πŸ˜› its a nightmare with blokes and their games… I have similar interests send me an email and we’ll oragnise a night out.

              •  Jackie #42382

                  Hi girls I’m in similar situation to you, moved to Dublin last year living with my bf, find it hard to make friends here and would just love to have some girly friends to meet for chat, shopping going out. My email is http://scr.im/2y90

                •  Louise #42389

                    Hey guys I am also looking to make new friends in Dublin. I like going out for drinks, live music, shopping, coffee etc. would love to meet up.

                    •  Caroline #42404

                        Hi louise whats your email address?

                    •  Louise #42406

                        Hey sorry i forgot to leave my email. Its http://scr.im/2y9w

                      •  fiona o’reilly #42407

                          hey i have the same interests too, maybe we all could meet up for a coffee sometime??

                        •  yemisi #42469

                            Hey !I need a genuine friend too, just got admission to Griffith college Dublin.

                          •  Kerry #42472


                              I just moved here a month ago from Lancashire (UK) and I am also living with my bf and a few other people. His friends are great and I get on with them really well, but I am looking to make some friends independently.

                              When I saw this thread I thought you girls were in a similar situation to myself.

                              I am in need a a good girly natter or I fear I may go insane.

                              Kerry x

                            •  Kerry #42473

                                Just realised I never left my email address.

                                Here it is [URL=http://scr.im/2yo2]k…@g…l.com[/URL]

                                I haven’t had a good dance or been to a great gig in a while

                              •  Kerry #42474

                                  I’ll try that again …


                                •  Katie #42489


                                    I just moved to Dublin a month ago with my boyfriend and can totally relate! I love hanging out with my boyfriend and his friends, but I really need some friends of my own! If anyone wants to go for coffee or anything like that just let me know! My email is http://scr.im/2yoy πŸ™‚

                                  •  Anonymous #42496

                                      Similar situation here, looking for girlfriends in cork though

                                    •  Yvonne #42517

                                        Hi Gemma,

                                        I’ve just come across this thread, I recently just moved to Dublin aswell and I’d love to meet new people! We should all defs meet up and head for a coffee or a few drinks!

                                        Give me a shout sure, my email address is http://scr.im/2yqu

                                        Looking forward to some girly “craic”! πŸ™‚


                                      •  Susana #42559

                                          Hi everyone!
                                          My name is Susana, I’m 29 years old and iΒ΄m from Lisbon, Portugal. I arrived in Dublin in September 11th to studed English.
                                          My English is a bit rusty, but I understand everything maybe we can pratice together when we going at shopping, restaurant or a Bar. My e-mail is http://scr.im/2yvx

                                        •  Kelly #42578

                                            Hey Girls, this whole thread sums up my situation, moved to Dublin with my bf and I live with him and his friends. His friends are lovely but I would love to have some friends of my own or I may just go insane. Girl time over a few drinks sounds like the perfect plan. If anyone is interested feel free to email me on http://scr.im/2yyd x

                                          •  A #42595

                                              Hi all
                                              I have just come across your posts and in the exact same situation as all of you. . . I’m 30 and live with the bf but as you say it is all sport on the TV.! My friends have moved back to counties outside dublin 1 by 1 so it would be great to meet new people. Perhaps we could all meet up for coffee or glass of wine seeing we are all in the same situation? I realise the above posts are a few weeks old so you may have done this already πŸ™‚

                                            •  Clare #42598

                                                Hey Girls,
                                                I’m in a position like yourselves, so knowing how you feel! Moved to dublin with my bf and want to find some friends to hang out with! I know threads are bit old but if anyone want to hang out and interested do give me a mail πŸ™‚ be great to get a group together to hang out!!

                                                •  A #42599

                                                    Hi Clare
                                                    What is your email?

                                                •  Tracey #42604

                                                    Hi there

                                                    Just moved to Dublin a couple of months ago.
                                                    Living with my bf and don’t know many people outside my bfs friends. Would really like to make some pals of my own. I like coffee, lunch, shopping, cinema, wine and anything girly really! πŸ™‚


                                                  •  Danielle #42605

                                                      Hey everyone,

                                                      I also moved to Dublin pretty recently and don’t know many people just yet, would love to find some friends to hang out with. Feel free to get in touch!
                                                      My email is http://scr.im/2z1q

                                                    •  Kelly #42615

                                                        hey Girls,

                                                        realise this thread is a bit old and unsure if I should even leave a comment as I don’t live with my boyfriend and have recently just become properly single again after what can only be described as the weirdest relationship ever came to its obvious end!!hahaha

                                                        Am looking for new friends tho and some girlies to get me up and out as I amn’t going to meet anyone just sitting in or sticking in my own dwindling circle of mates as they all have babies, settle down or move away!! If anyone would like to chat, I’m a North Dublin girl but work in town so a coffee somewhere would be great.

                                                        thanks Girls.

                                                        Oh my email address is http://scr.im/2z3a if anyone wants to get in touch πŸ™‚

                                                        •  Kelly #42616

                                                            that first part about me not having a boyfriend and being unsure if I should comment was supposed to be a joke as if you read the thread most of the girls have stated that they’ve moved to Dublin to live with their boyfriends and their friends.

                                                            A joke ain’t funny if you have to explain it though is it?ha

                                                            See i’m not even good at meeting people using a computer πŸ™‚

                                                        •  Mr.fancy-pants #42617

                                                            Ah Kelly, you’re being awfully hard on yourself

                                                          •  Jen #42619

                                                              hi girls πŸ™‚ i know this is an old post but sure it cant hurt to try. Im jen, 30 and very newly single, i lived with my boyfriend and had to move home, all my friends are settled down,never around or living abroad so i dont know what to be doing with myself now ha! Miss girly fun and chats. would love to make some new friends and hav a fun new fresh start πŸ™‚ http://scr.im/2z3n

                                                            •  Katia #42622

                                                                Hi guys!
                                                                I moved last January to Dublin from Switzerland so I would be able to be with my boyfriend and I haven’t regretted since my choice to move here. πŸ™‚ I am 26 years old and originally Spanish, I was born and grew up though in Switzerland. I’m working as a nurse here and I’m really happy with my job, everything is grand, except that I am having a really hard time to find friends here.
                                                                I have many interests, like going to the cinema, love going out for drinks/clubbing and have a good laugh and I like as well being outdoors πŸ™‚ I’m generally fun loving πŸ˜€ and almost up for anything!

                                                                So no mater if your a girl or a guy email me :)Here’s my email: http://scr.im/2z3t

                                                              •  Lisa #42634

                                                                  Hey ladies,

                                                                  Not sure if this thread is still running but thought I’d jump on board.
                                                                  I’ve been living in Dublin a couple of months now after returning back from down under earlier this year after 10yrs in Sydney.

                                                                  I love to socialise and miss having girls around. Most of my Irish friends are back home in Wexford, so would be great to get a bunch of girls together here in Dublin.

                                                                  I live in rathmines with my bf but need to get out with the girls on a regular basis. Anything from coffee, movies, dinner, anything outdoorsy to a night on the town!!!

                                                                •  Lisa #42636

                                                                    Hi girls

                                                                    I’m 28 and recently moved to Dublin from belfast. I’m single so don’t have the bf problem but would really like to meet some new friends as I don’t really know anyone here! Living and working south Dublin. Have similiar interests to everyone really- going for a coffee or a glass of wine would be great!

                                                                  •  Hannah #43920

                                                                      Would love to make some new friends!! Happy to hang out over coffee, cinema, nights out…whatever!! πŸ™‚

                                                                    •  Hannah #43921

                                                                        my email is http://scr.im/2ze4

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