Looking for Irish friends!

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  •  Li.Me #52486

      Hi! I am a 20 years old Italian girl recently relocated to Dublin, I really love the city and Ireland in general and I am looking for Irish friends to have a chat with and hang out, I really love your culture so maybe also talk about it. I like going to the cinema, go to shopping, going out to new places or whatever else it seems cool.
      I hope you contact me, I really want to meet Irish people! πŸ˜€

    •  Shane #52497

        Hi there,

        My name is Shane. I’m a 25 year old easy going guy. I like reading, going to the cinema or just grabbing a drink or coffee and having a chat. I also like to cook therefore I like to go to as many different restaurants as possible when I’m out. I’m always up for meeting new people from different countries. If you ever want to meet up then just email me at he address below.
        [email protected]

        Also I love to travel but have never been to Italy. You can tell me about it and I’ll tell you about Ireland!😄

      •  Li.Me #52506


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        •  Li.Me #52507

            Hi DaPodge!

            Tell me something more about you if you want. πŸ˜€

          •  Li.Me #52510

              Good, so you’re Irish or just living here?
              How old are you?

            •  Li.Me #52513

                I studied english and now I am looking for a job. We have too many years difference to meet eachother πŸ™

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