Looking for New Female Friends in Dublin

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  •  tarabell #17455

      Im wondering if someone is in the same situation like me. I have moved to Dublin 3 months ago and i really liked it here until i have realised that i really miss my friends a lot. Its very easy to meet someone new…But let’s be sinciere..not all the time is the person according our idieas:-) Thats why i would like meet new famele friends or friend who enjoy shopping,traveling,going for coffe vine coctails,gossip,walks,welness-swimming,nightlife-going to clubs,dance,have a fun. I really like people with sence of humor and I really hate envious and insinciere,lying people.Sometime i have feeling that im meeting them all the time.So is there any social girl who feel alone like me and she have met such people and is really tired from that?Let’s change it:-) Im not looking for friend who wants someone at any price.But friend who is looking for real friend.
      Im 21 years old from middle europe.

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